Chapter 16.48


16.48.010    Purpose.

16.48.020    Application requirements.

16.48.030    Agreement.

16.48.040    Collection.

16.48.050    Time limit.

    Prior legislation: Ord. 82-1 and prior code § 9-14(A) through (I).

16.48.010 Purpose.

In the event that any subdivider is required under the provisions of this title to construct or pay for the construction of improvements which will in the future benefit other subdividers, the city may require such other subdividers to reimburse the original subdivider for a proportionate share of the cost of such improvement. (Ord. 08-05 § 1, 2008)

16.48.020 Application requirements.

The requirement for reimbursement shall be upon application of the original subdivider. (Ord. 08-05 § 1, 2008)

16.48.030 Agreement.

The reimbursement shall be specified by appropriate provisions in the subdivision or site development agreement, which shall provide that the reimbursement shall be paid by city. (Ord. 08-05 § 1, 2008)

16.48.040 Collection.

The reimbursement shall be made by the city to the original subdivider within 30 days of collection from such other subdivider, but the city shall in no event be liable for reimbursement to the original subdivider unless and until such reimbursement is collected from the other subdivider. In no event shall the city be liable for failure to make such collection. (Ord. 08-05 § 1, 2008)

16.48.050 Time limit.

No reimbursement agreement shall be valid for more than 10 years. (Ord. 08-05 § 1, 2008)