Article 1
General Provisions

Section Contents

Chapter 1.1    Introduction to Article 1

1.1.10    Purpose of this Article

Chapter 1.2    Authority of the Municipal Code

1.2.10    Purpose of this Chapter

1.2.20    Title and References

1.2.30    Effective Date

1.2.40    Effect of Code on Past Actions and Obligations

1.2.50    References to Specific Ordinances

1.2.60    Severability and Validity of this Code

Chapter 1.3    Violations of this Code

1.3.10    Purpose of this Chapter

1.3.20    Violations of this Code (Misdemeanors)

1.3.30    Violations of this Code (Infractions)

1.3.40    Ongoing and/or Continuous Violations

1.3.50    Enforcement of Misdemeanors

Chapter 1.4    Rules of Construction

1.4.10    Purpose of this Chapter

1.4.20    Construction

1.4.30    Rules of Convention

1.4.40    Defined Terms

1.4.50    Interpretation in the Use of Other Codes by Reference

1.4.60    Interpretation and Application of All Other Ordinances

1.4.70    Effect of Headings

1.4.80    Acts by Deputy

1.4.90    Reference Applies to Amendments

1.4.100    Service of Notices