Article 2
City Administration

Section Contents

Chapter 2.1    Introduction to Article 2

2.1.10    Purpose of this Article

Chapter 2.2    City Offices

2.2.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.2.20    Hours of City Business

2.2.30    Civic Center

Chapter 2.3    City Council

2.3.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.3.20    Officers and Duties of the City Council

2.3.30    Date of Municipal General Election

2.3.40    Term of Office

2.3.50    General Rules for City Council Meetings

2.3.60    Adoption of City Ordinances, Resolutions, and Orders for Payment

Chapter 2.4    Commissions and Other Committees

2.4.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.4.20    Planning Commission

2.4.30    Special Advisory Committees

Chapter 2.5    Meeting Rules and Conduct

2.5.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.5.20    Agendas

2.5.30    Rules Governing Public Meetings

Chapter 2.6    City Manager

2.6.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.6.20    Duties of the Office of the City Manager

2.6.30    Appointment, Removal and Compensation of City Manager

Chapter 2.7    City Personnel System

2.7.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.7.20    Unclassified Service

2.7.30    Classified Service

2.7.40    Adoption and Amendment of Rules for Classified Employees

2.7.50    Appointments and Dismissal

Chapter 2.8    City Finance and Accounting

2.8.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.8.20    Payment and Method of Approval

2.8.30    Register of Demands

2.8.40    Claims

2.8.50    Purchasing Policy

2.8.60    Bidding Procedures

2.8.70    Purchases on the Open Market

2.8.80    Exceptions to Bidding and Open Market Purchasing Procedures

2.8.90    Inspection and Testing

2.8.100    Disposition of Surplus Supplies and Equipment

2.8.110    Assessor and Tax Collector

Chapter 2.9    Establishment of the Fire Department

2.9.10    Purpose of this Chapter

2.9.20    Established; Composition; Authority Generally

2.9.30    Fire Chief Position Created; Appointment

2.9.40    Powers and Duties of the Fire Chief

2.9.50    Compensation of Volunteer Firefighters