Chapter 2.04


2.04.010    Office established.

2.04.020    Compensation.

2.04.030    Powers and duties – Designated.

2.04.040    Powers and duties – Restrictions.

2.04.010 Office established.

The office of the City Manager is created and established. The said manager shall be appointed by the City Council and shall hold office for and during the pleasure of the City Council. [Ord. 482 § 1, 1970].

2.04.020 Compensation.

The City Manager shall receive such compensation and expense allowance as the City Council shall from time to time determine and fix by resolution. [Ord. 482 § 2, 1970].

2.04.030 Powers and duties – Designated.

The City Manager shall be the administrative head of the government of the City under the direction and control of the City Council. He shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all the affairs of the City which are under his control. In addition to his general powers as administrative head, and not as any limitation thereon, he shall have the following powers and duties:

A. To attend meetings of the City Council and to report upon or discuss any matter concerning the affairs of the departments, services or activities under his supervision. The City Manager shall be an ex officio member of all boards, commissions and committees appointed by the Mayor of the City Council pursuant to law, with a right to participate in all actions by his voice, but without a vote;

B. To coordinate the administrative functions and operations of the various departments, divisions and services of the City government; to carry out the ordinances, resolutions, regulations and policies adopted by the Council relating to the administration of such departments and divisions;

C. To control, order and give directions to all heads of departments, subordinate officers and employees of the City, except the City Treasurer and City Attorney; and to transfer employees from one department to another; and to consolidate or combine offices, positions, departments or units under his direction;

D. To cause to be prepared and submitted to him by each department, division or service of the City government, itemized annual estimates of expenditures required for capital outlay, salaries, wages and miscellaneous operating costs; to tabulate them into a preliminary consolidated budget; and to submit the proposed annual budget and salary plan to the City Council for its approval;

E. To be responsible for the administration of the budget after its final adoption, and to keep the City Council at all times advised as to the financial conditions and needs of the City;

F. To act as Purchasing Agent for the City for the purchase of all supplies, goods, wares, merchandise, equipment and material which may be required by any department or division of the City. No expenditures shall be submitted or recommended to the City Council except upon the report and approval of the City Manager;

G. To appoint, remove, promote or demote any officers and employees of the City except the City Attorney and City Treasurer. The services and facilities of the City Attorney and the City Treasurer shall be made available to the City Manager to the same extent, in the same manner and to the same effect they are available to the City Council;

H. To compile and keep up to date a complete inventory of all property, real and personal, owned by the City, and to purchase any equipment and supplies whenever in his judgment the same can be obtained to the best advantage of the City;

I. To supervise the maintenance yard and to see that all mobile equipment is kept in good condition and repair and satisfactory working order;

J. To serve as Public Relations Officer of the City government;

K. To cooperate with all community organizations whose aim and purpose is the advancement of the moral and material interests of the City and its people, and to assist them through the City government;

L. To enforce or cause to be enforced all laws and ordinances of the City, and to see that all franchises, contracts, permits and privileges granted by the City Council are faithfully observed;

M. The City Council and its members shall deal with the administrative services of the City only through the City Manager, except for the purpose of inquiry; and neither the City Council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinate of the City Manager;

N. To develop and organize necessary public improvement projects and programs, and to assist the City Council in the various departments of government in carrying out such projects;

O. To have such other and further powers and duties as may be delegated to him from time to time by action of the City Council, or as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section. [Ord. 1409 § 1, 2019; Ord. 482 § 3, 1970].

2.04.040 Powers and duties – Restrictions.

The City Manager shall act as the agent for the City Council in the discharge of its administrative functions but shall not exercise any policy-making or legislative functions, nor attempt to commit or bind the City Council or any member thereof to any action, plan or program requiring official action of the City Council. It is not intended by this chapter to grant any authority to, or impose any duty upon, the City Manager which is vested in or imposed by general law or valid City ordinances in any other commission, board, department, officer, employee, or the City Council. In the discharge of his duties, the City Manager shall endeavor at all times to exercise the highest degree of tact, patience and courtesy in his contacts with the public and City personnel, and he shall use his best efforts to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship among all personnel employed by the City, and all officers thereof, and to maintain the highest possible standards of public service by the City government. The City Manager is forbidden to take any part in any political campaign, or to take any part in securing contributions for any political campaign or candidate, in any municipal elections. [Ord. 482 § 4, 1970].


For statutory provisions on the City Manager form of government, see Government Code §§ 3485134859.