Chapter 9.54


9.54.010    Findings.

9.54.020    Provisions.

9.54.010 Findings.

The potential exists for persons leaving the designated seating area or concourse at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium before, during and/or after an event, and causing malicious damage and/or interrupting said event.

The City Council for the City of Lake Elsinore desires to prohibit persons other than those specifically authorized by either the City or the Lake Elsinore Storm baseball team from entering areas other than designated seating and/or concourse areas. [Ord. 1003 Preamble, 1996].

9.54.020 Provisions.

It shall be unlawful for any person to enter upon any area within the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium not specifically designated for seating or within the public concourse area without permission of the Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Club or the City of Lake Elsinore. It shall specifically be unlawful to enter upon the field of play during the baseball game or during any other event in progress without said permission. [Ord. 1003 § 9.54, 1996].