VIII. Weapons

Chapter 9.88


9.88.010    Firearm.

9.88.020    Prohibited – Exceptions.

9.88.030    Discharge on private property.

9.88.010 Firearm.

The word “firearm” as used herein includes the following: cannon, gun, pistol, revolver, automatic pistol, rifle, shotgun, air gun, pellet gun, and any other weapon designed to discharge one or more projectiles propelled by the expansion of gas. [Ord. 883 § 1, 1990].

9.88.020 Prohibited – Exceptions.

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to fire or discharge a firearm within the incorporated limits of the City, as shown on the official map of the City on file in the office of the City Clerk, with the exception of any officer or special officer of the City, County or State in the line of duty or on a pistol range, rifle range, skeet or trap range having a proper special permit and current business licenses provided by law. [Ord. 117 § 1, 1915; Ord. 281 § 1, 1947; Ord. 617 § 1, 1981; Ord. 883 § 1, 1990].

9.88.030 Discharge on private property.

It shall not be unlawful for a person or persons to fire or discharge an air gun or pellet gun on said person’s or persons’ lawfully occupied property within an enclosed area and for the purpose of target shooting as long as the projectile fired or discharged remains within said enclosed area and on the person’s or persons’ property. [Ord. 883 § 1, 1990].


For provisions regarding the sale of concealed weapons, see Chapter 5.64 LEMC.