Chapter 12.12


12.12.010    System adopted.

12.12.020    Display required.

12.12.030    Size and visibility.

12.12.010 System adopted.

For the promotion of the safety, convenience, comfort, peace, order and general welfare of the City, a uniform system of house numbers, which shall supersede all existing house numbers, is adopted and established in the City, as set forth and contained in that certain map entitled “House Numbers in the City of Elsinore, California,” all on file in the office of the City Clerk, which is adopted as the system of house numbers in the City and by reference made a part of this chapter. [Ord. 286 § 1, 1948].

12.12.020 Display required.

Every person, firm or corporation owning, controlling, occupying or using any house, store, storeroom or building situated on premises fronting on any street, avenue or other public way or place in the City shall, on or before the first day of September, 1948, procure, place, attach and maintain in a conspicuous place on the street front of every such house, store, storeroom or building and on, over or near each and every door or entry thereto facing on any street, avenue or other public way or place, the number assigned thereto by this chapter. [Ord. 286 § 2, 1948].

12.12.030 Size and visibility.

All such numbers shall be of such size and type and so placed as to be easily visible and legible from the center of the street, avenue or other public way or place upon which such premises front, and shall not be less than three and one-half inches in height; provided, that numbers embossed, stamped or painted on a plate of contrasting color may be not less than two and one-half inches in height. [Ord. 286 § 3, 1948].