Chapter 15.44


15.44.010    Short title.

15.44.020    Purpose of regulations.

15.44.030    Adoption of State law.

15.44.040    Fire protection equipment.

15.44.050    Permit required for construction or reconstruction.

15.44.060    Permit – Application.

15.44.070    Permit – Prerequisites to issuance.

15.44.080    Enforcement.

15.44.010 Short title.

This chapter shall be known as the “Mobilehome and Mobilehome Park Ordinance.” [Ord. 410 § 1, 1963].

15.44.020 Purpose of regulations.

It is the intent of this chapter to provide regulations for the establishment, maintenance and operation of mobilehomes and mobilehome parks in the City. [Ord. 410 § 2, 1963].

15.44.030 Adoption of State law.

The definitions, standards and requirements governing the establishment and operation of mobilehomes and mobilehome parks, camp cars, travel trailers, travel trailer parks, recreational trailer parks, temporary trailer parks and tent camps as set forth in Part 2 of Division 13 of the Health and Safety Code of the State (Section 18000 et seq.), and the rules and regulations established by the Division of Housing of the Department of Industrial Regulations of the State which are found in Chapter 9 of Title 8 of the California Administrative Code, which implement, interpret, and make specific the explicit sections of the Health and Safety Code, are adopted and made a part of this chapter by reference as they now exist or may hereafter be amended. [Ord. 410 § 3, 1963].

15.44.040 Fire protection equipment.

In every mobilehome park or portion of every mobilehome park, there shall be installed and maintained water hydrants with risers of one-inch size and three-fourths-inch hydrants, or every two spaces, three-fourths-inch hose in 50-foot length attached. Hose must be of durable rubber or plastic, and subject to pressure tests once yearly by the Fire Department. Hose must be installed when trailer space adjacent becomes occupied. Approved fire extinguishers must be located in every building. [Ord. 410 § 4, 1963].

15.44.050 Permit required for construction or reconstruction.

It is unlawful for any person to do any of the following without first making application in writing to the Planning Commission and obtaining a permit therefor, granted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and any other ordinances of the City and laws of the State:

A. Construct a mobilehome park;

B. Construct additional buildings or additional mobilehome sites, reconstruct or move existing buildings or relocate mobilehome sites in an existing mobilehome park. [Ord. 410 § 5, 1963].

15.44.060 Permit – Application.

Any person desiring to establish or operate a mobilehome park shall first make application for a permit to be issued by the Building Inspector of the City. Forms for such application for such permit shall be secured from the Building Inspector after Planning Commission approval. [Ord. 410 § 6, 1963].

15.44.070 Permit – Prerequisites to issuance.

Under no condition shall the Planning Commission approve or permit the construction or operation of a mobilehome park, unless the following are provided for:

A. There shall be adequate fencing and landscaping for the protection of adjoining property owners in accordance with the discretion of the Planning Commission.

B. All mobilehome parks and all mobilehome sites within parks shall be served by the City sewer systems.

C. All streets and alleys in mobilehome parks shall be paved with premix AC paving of at least two and one-half inches in thickness, and be approved by the Superintendent of Streets.

D. All streets within mobilehome parks shall be at least 25 feet in width, with an additional five feet if parking is allowed on one side, and 10 feet if parking is allowed on both sides of the street.

E. Access to mobilehome parking spaces shall be from private drives within the mobilehome park only. Those mobilehome parks in existence on or prior to July 8, 1963, shall be given five years in which to bring these mobilehome parks up to standard according to this chapter.

F. The location and size of all water mains shall be in accordance with the directions and approval of the Water Department Superintendent.

G. The location and size of all gas mains shall be in accordance with the directions and approval of the Building Inspector.

H. All handling and drying of laundry must be inside with mechanical dryers or inside mobilehome trailer parks if lines cannot be seen by anyone outside the trailer park.

I. All facilities for sanitation, garbage, sewage and trash disposal and water supply shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the Health Officer shall determine.

J. Trailer spaces must be at least 40 feet wide with depth enough to allow for 10-foot front and rear setback. Trailer length includes length of hitch assembly. All cul-de-sacs are to be of 60-foot radius, and all mobilehome parks must be served by separate ingress and egress roads of standard width and paving. [Ord. 410 § 7, 1963].

15.44.080 Enforcement.

It shall be the duty of the Building Inspector to enforce all of the provisions of this chapter pertaining to construction, alteration and modification of all buildings, plumbing, electrical wiring, sewage disposal construction and gas piping, including appurtenances thereto within mobilehome parks. It shall be the duty of the Health Officer to enforce all of the provisions of this chapter pertaining to maintenance, operation, safety, sanitation and occupancy of mobilehome parks. Upon presentation of proper credentials, the Building Inspector, Fire Marshal, Health Officer, or the duly authorized representative of any of them, may at reasonable time enter upon the premises of any mobilehome park to inspect the structures, sites and facilities, including the register of occupants, and to ascertain and require compliance with this chapter. [Ord. 410 § 8, 1963].


For statutory provisions on mobilehome parks, see Health and Safety Code § 18200 et seq.