Chapter 16.30


16.30.010    Application.

16.30.020    Application for conversion.

16.30.030    Other requirements.

16.30.040    Correction of deficiencies – Required improvements.

16.30.050    Fees.

16.30.060    Certificate of occupancy required.

16.30.010 Application.

This chapter shall apply to all conversions of existing residential real property to condominiums, community apartments, or stock cooperative projects or any other form of ownership. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. E), 2019].

16.30.020 Application for conversion.

An application for a common interest development conversion shall include the following:

A. Applicant shall provide written proof that applicant has complied with the requirements of applicable California statutes regarding the right of existing tenants of such project.

B. Applicant shall submit a detailed “property report” describing the date(s) of original construction, present useful life of the roof, foundations, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and existing buildings or structures in such project. Such report shall be prepared and certified by a registered civil or structural engineer or licensed architect.

C. The applicant shall submit a structural pest report prepared and certified by a licensed structural pest control operator (see Business and Professions Code Section 8516).

D. To the extent applicable, the aforementioned report requirements may be satisfied by submission of copies of similar reports filed with State agencies. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. E), 2019].

16.30.030 Other requirements.

The following are requirements in addition to those set forth above:

A. Upon receipt of the application and all documents as required, the Community Development Director shall submit copies of applicable reports or documents to the Fire Department, Building and Safety Division, and other departments as found necessary.

B. The Community Development Director shall cause an inspection to be made of all buildings and structures in the existing development. An inspection report shall be prepared at or under his direction identifying all items found to be in violation of current code requirements for such buildings or structures, or found to be hazardous.

C. The Fire Inspector shall cause an inspection to be made of such project to determine the sufficiency of fire protection systems serving such project and report on deficiencies.

D. The Community Development Director may submit copies of such documents to other departments for their review and requirements, as set forth elsewhere in this code.

E. The Community Development Director or his designee shall review the property report submitted by applicant and may require its revision and resubmission if found inadequate in providing the required information.

F. The Planning Division shall keep and maintain the copies of all such reports required herein, as public records, for no less than five years, and shall send copies thereof to the California Real Estate Commissioner as may be required by law. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. E), 2019].

16.30.040 Correction of deficiencies – Required improvements.

A. Correction of Deficiencies. Corrections required in the building inspection report shall be made by the developer, at the developer’s expense, to the satisfaction of the Building Official. Additionally, the following corrections shall also be completed:

1. The developer shall correct any deficiencies in the fire protection system required by law.

2. The developer shall repair or replace any damaged or infested areas in need of repair or replacement as shown in the structural pest control report, which shall be prepared by a licensed structural pest control operator and dated and filed at least 30 days prior to the submittal of the final map.

3. The developer shall bring into conformity any zoning ordinance violations.

B. Final Inspection Report. A final inspection report shall be prepared by the Building Official prior to consideration of the final map, indicating compliance with all requirements imposed herein. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. E), 2019].

16.30.050 Fees.

Prior to any required inspection, the developer shall pay the required inspection fee based upon the number of existing units in said project. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. E), 2019].

16.30.060 Certificate of occupancy required.

Any project proposed under this chapter shall require the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the Building Division. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, all requirements of the Subdivision Map Act must be complied with. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. E), 2019].