Chapter 17.106


17.106.010    Purpose.

17.106.020    Uses permitted.

17.106.010 Purpose.

There are properties in the City owned and maintained by public agencies which are not subject to the development standards of the LEMC. Most of these agencies abide by Federal or State requirements, which take precedence over local laws. However, such uses shall be identified and acknowledged as generally unsuitable for residential purposes, but may contain a variety of facilities or campuses for the provision of public services.

The purpose of the Public/Institutional Zoning District is to identify structures, or campuses and facilities containing structures. Nonstructural facilities may be identified in the OS Open Space Zoning District, or in the R Recreational Zoning District if the use promotes leisure activities such as sports, marine preserves, or picnic grounds. [Ord. 1312 § 3 (Exh. A), 2013].

17.106.020 Uses permitted.

A. Cemeteries.

B. City of Lake Elsinore facilities.

C. Civic center.

D. Community centers.

E. Convention or conference centers.

F. County facilities.

G. Governmental offices.

H. Libraries.

I. Performing arts centers.

J. Public parking facilities.

K. Roads, freeways.

L. Schools: public, private, academies.

M. Sewage treatment plants.

N. Transit facilities.

O. Utility companies and substations.

P. Similar and compatible uses. [Ord. 1312 § 3 (Exh. A), 2013].