Chapter 17.204


17.204.010    Purpose.

17.204.020    Designation.

17.204.030    Allowed uses.

17.204.040    Development standards.

Prior legislation: Ords. 772 and 1194; Code 1987 §§ 17.99.010 – 17.99.180.

17.204.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the specific plan (SP) district is to designate unique planning areas within the City for which the City Council has adopted a specific plan, consistent with the General Plan and Sections 65450 through 65457 of the California Government Code. Specific plan purposes, content requirements, and procedures are outlined in LEMC 17.415.030. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. C), 2019].

17.204.020 Designation.

On the zoning map, all property within a designated specific plan area shall be delineated in a manner similar to that of any other zoning district. If there are unique zoning regulations and standards applicable to the land area, such provisions will be established in the adopted specific plan. In the event there is an inconsistency or conflict between an adopted specific plan and comparable regulations of this title, the specific plan will prevail. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. C), 2019].

17.204.030 Allowed uses.

Allowed uses within the specific plan area are those listed uses in the specific plan as permitted, conditionally permitted or not permitted. When a use is not specifically listed as permitted, conditionally permitted or not permitted in the specific plan, the Community Development Director shall assign the land use or activity to a classification that is substantially similar in character. Land uses not listed in the specific plan as permitted or conditionally permitted not found to be substantially like a permitted use or conditionally permitted use are prohibited. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. C), 2019].

17.204.040 Development standards.

Development standards within the specific plan area are those standards listed in the adopted specific plan. Where a specific plan is silent regarding development standards, the provisions of this title shall govern. The Director shall have the authority to determine which provisions of this title apply where a specific plan is silent. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. C), 2019].