Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Purpose.

17.40.020    “Historic Downtown Elsinore” defined.

17.40.030    Permitted uses.

17.40.040    Development standards.

17.40.050    Project review.

17.40.060    Compliance with standards.

Prior legislation: Ords. 875, 936, 952 and 982.

17.40.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the Historic Downtown Elsinore Overlay District is to establish standards to ensure that future development in the historic core of the City is compatible with the character of the existing historic downtown and to provide a framework for new construction and the renovation of buildings which already exist. The design standards set forth in the Historic Elsinore Design Standards preserve and enhance the existing character of Downtown Lake Elsinore, and extend that character to new development in the area designated the Historic Downtown Elsinore Overlay District. [Ord. 1075 § 3, 2001. Code 1987 § 17.11.010].

17.40.020 “Historic Downtown Elsinore” defined.

The Historic Downtown Elsinore Overlay District is comprised of the majority of the historic core of the City of Lake Elsinore. The district encompasses approximately 486 acres and is generally bounded to the north by I-15 and Collier Avenue, to the south by Lakeshore Drive, the east by Conklin Avenue and Rupard Street, and to the west by Chaney Street. This boundary directly corresponds to that established within the Historic Downtown Land Use Plan and is set forth with specificity in the Historic Elsinore Design Standards, which is incorporated herein. [Ord. 1075 § 3, 2001. Code 1987 § 17.11.020].

17.40.030 Permitted uses.

Those uses permitted within the Historic Downtown Elsinore Overlay District shall be those uses otherwise permitted in the underlying zoning.

Within Area 1 (as defined within the Historic Elsinore Design Standards), no new or changed use shall be permitted without the specific prior approval as to both type and location by the Community Development Director. Among the considerations of the Community Development Director in determining whether a specific use will be permitted shall be the compatibility with surrounding uses, number and density of the same or similar existing uses within Area 1 and the input, if any, from other businesses in the area. [Ord. 1075 § 3, 2001. Code 1987 § 17.11.030].

17.40.040 Development standards.

The development standards for the Historic Downtown Elsinore Overlay District shall be as set forth in the Historic Elsinore Design Standards, for the City of Lake Elsinore, California, dated December 1992 and as from time to time amended. Said design standards are hereby incorporated herein and made a part hereof. [Ord. 1075 § 3, 2001. Code 1987 § 17.11.040].

17.40.050 Project review.

A. All applications for construction, renovation, or rehabilitation of any structure or signage within the district shall be submitted to the Planning Division on a form prepared by the City.

B. Design review and approval shall be subject to LEMC 17.415.060.

C. The Community Development Director may deny or continue consideration for a project for any of the following reasons:

1. Nonconformance with the design standards.

2. Incomplete application.

3. Improvements or commencement of operations begun without prior approval.

D. Upon approval by the Community Development Director, no further design approval by the Planning Commission shall be required. However, on projects requiring Community Development Director review, the Community Development Director may determine that a project warrants review and approval by the Planning Commission.

E. It shall be unlawful to conduct a new or changed use or construct, renovate or rehabilitate any structure, including exterior design and/or signage modifications within the Historic Downtown Elsinore Overlay District in violation of the design standards and without prior approval of the Community Development Director.

F. Any determination by the Community Development Director is subject to appeal to the Planning Commission. Any such appeal must be filed with the Community Development Department within 10 days of the Community Development Director’s decision. [Ord. 1415 § 3 (Exh. F § 2), 2019; Ord. 1075 § 3, 2001. Code 1987 § 17.11.050].

17.40.060 Compliance with standards.

A. All new construction of structures and signage, or any additions/alterations to structures or signage visible or adjacent to a public right-of-way located within the Historic Downtown Elsinore Overlay District shall be in compliance with the adopted design standards. Any structure or signage not in compliance shall be deemed a public nuisance and subject to abatement pursuant to the nuisance abatement procedures set forth in Chapter 8.18 LEMC.

B. Any residential or commercial rehabilitation within the Historic Overlay District with a valuation in excess of $3,000 shall bring the property into substantial compliance of the Historic Elsinore Architectural Design Standards. The financial improvements shall be based on a percentage of the valuation of the cost of improvements: 15 percent up to $20,000; 10 percent over $20,000.

C. The Community Development Director may grant extensions to the date that a structure must comply with the design standards upon a showing of financial hardship by the applicant. [Ord. 1075 § 3, 2001. Code 1987 § 17.11.060].