Chapter 2.14


2.14.010    Office created.

2.14.020    Powers and duties.

2.14.030    Surety bond.

2.14.010 Office created.

The finance director of the city shall be appointed by the city manager and serve at the pleasure of the city manager. The finance director shall be qualified by training and experience to perform the duties of the office. (Ord. 901 §1(part), 2016)

2.14.020 Powers and duties.

The finance director shall be the head of the finance department of the city, and shall have the power and shall be required to:

A.    Have charge of the administration of the financial affairs of the city;

B.    Compile the budget expense and income estimates;

C.    Maintain a general accounting system for the city and each of its officers, departments and agencies;

D.    Supervise and be responsible for the disbursement of all moneys and audit of all expenditures to insure that budget appropriations are not exceeded;

E.    Audit all purchase orders before issuance to insure that sufficient funds are appropriated and available;

F.    Audit and approve before payment of bills, invoices, payrolls, demands or charges against the city and with advice of the city attorney, when necessary, determine the regularity, legality and correctness of such claims, demands or charges;

G.    Prepare and submit to the city council periodically a register of audited demands with the finance director’s affidavit attached thereto as provided in the Government Code;

H.    Submit to the city council periodic statements of all receipts and disbursements in sufficient detail to show the exact financial condition of the city;

I.    At of the end of each fiscal year, submit a complete financial statement and report;

J.    Supervise the keeping of current inventories of all property of the city by all city departments, offices and agencies;

K.    Perform all the financial and accounting duties which would be imposed upon the city clerk in the absence of this chapter, and the city clerk shall be relieved of such duties, including all such duties imposed upon the city clerk by Government Code Sections 40802 to 40805;

L.    Perform all duties that are imposed upon the finance director by this code or by other law; and

M.    Perform such other duties as may be imposed upon the finance director by this code, other law, or the appointing authority acting in a manner authorized by this code or other law. (Ord. 901 §1(part), 2016)

2.14.030 Surety bond.

The finance director of the city shall acquire a surety bond to be approved by the city council, such bond to be conditioned on the faithful performance of the finance director’s duties. The bond premium shall be paid by the city. (Ord. 901 §1(part), 2016)