Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Planning commission established--Membership and authority.

2.16.020    Meetings and public records.

2.16.030    Rules of conduct.

2.16.010 Planning commission established--Membership and authority.

There is established a planning commission consisting of five members to be appointed by the city council. Planning commissioners must be residents from within the city limits and not already officials of the city. The city council may appoint one member who lives outside of the city limits but within the Lakeport zip code area.

The planning commission members shall be appointed by the city council for a term of four years. The planning commission shall have land use decision-making authority as defined by the Lakeport zoning ordinance and shall also advise and report on planning matters to the Lakeport city council. The city procedure for recruitment and appointment of planning commission members shall be as specified in a city council resolution. (Ord. 833 §2(part), 2005)

2.16.020 Meetings and public records.

The planning commission shall meet at least once a month and may, as necessary, meet on additional days with notice as provided by law. The planning commission shall maintain a public record of all proceedings. (Ord. 833 §2(part), 2005)

2.16.030 Rules of conduct.

Rules of conduct and operation of the planning commission shall be set forth in a resolution of the planning commission. (Ord. 833 §2(part), 2005)