Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Established--Membership.

2.20.020    Term of office--Filling of vacancies.

2.20.030    Appointment of officers.

2.20.040    Compensation.

2.20.060    Meetings.

2.20.070    Quorum--Attendance.

2.20.080    Powers and duties.

2.20.090    Acceptance of gifts, donations or bequests.

2.20.010 Established--Membership.

There is established a park and recreation commission consisting of the following persons:

A.    Five voting members, citizens-at-large, at least four who are residents of the city and up to one member who lives outside of the city limits but within the Lakeport zip code area, to be appointed by the city council on the basis of interest and qualification.

B.    The city manager shall appoint appropriate staff members and a staff liaison to coordinate the activities of the committee. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)

2.20.020 Term of office--Filling of vacancies.

A.    Members of the park and recreation commission shall serve for a term of two years and shall be appointed by the city council. Three members shall have terms expiring December 31st in odd years and two members shall have terms expiring December 31st in even years.

B.    Vacancies in the commission occurring otherwise than by expiration of the term of office shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the city council. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)

2.20.030 Appointment of officers.

The park and recreation commission shall meet at its first meeting each year and elect a chairman and vice-chairman from members of the committee. The duties of such officers shall respectively be such as are usually performed by such officers. Officers shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)

2.20.040 Compensation.

Members of the park and recreation commission shall receive no compensation. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)

2.20.060 Meetings.

A.    The park and recreation commission shall hold at least one regular meeting per month for the transaction of business, except if no agenda items have been proposed, then the regularly scheduled meeting may be canceled.

B.    The commission shall adopt rules and regulations to govern its meetings and perform its duties thereunder and shall keep a record of its minutes, resolutions, findings, determinations and recommendations which shall be a public record. Minutes of the commission’s meetings shall be filed with the city clerk and shall be made available to members of the city council.

C.    Special meetings may be called at any time upon twenty-four hours’ written notice to the members thereof and notification within twenty-four hours to the public press. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)

2.20.070 Quorum--Attendance.

A.    A majority of the regular members shall constitute a quorum.

B.    Absence from three consecutive regular meetings without the approval of the city council shall be deemed to constitute retirement of such member and the office may be declared vacant. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)

2.20.080 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties of the commission shall be to:

A.    Act in an advisory capacity only to the city council in matters pertaining to city parks and recreation referred to the commission by the city council.

B.    Cooperate with the planning commission and civic organizations to advance the sound planning of new recreation areas and facilities.

C.    Recommend, from time to time, policies on city recreation facilities to the city council for consideration and approval.

D.    Perform such other duties as may be assigned to the commission by the city council. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)

2.20.090 Acceptance of gifts, donations or bequests.

The park and recreation commission may receive donations, gifts, legacies, endowments or bequests made to the city for the acquisition of park and recreation facilities and the construction, maintenance and operation of such facilities, subject to the approval of the city council. All donations, gifts, legacies, endowments and bequests so received shall be in the name of the city and turned over to the city finance director and shall be kept in a special fund to be designated as the park and recreation fund. (Ord. 916 §1(part), 2018)