Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Created.

2.24.020    Eminent domain.

2.24.010 Created.

A.    It is found and declared, pursuant to Section 33010 of the Community Redevelopment Law, that there is a need for a redevelopment agency created by Section 33100 of said law to function in the city and said agency is authorized to transact business and exercise its powers under the Community Redevelopment Law.

B.    Said agency shall be known as the redevelopment agency.

C.    The city council declares itself as the redevelopment agency pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Law. (Ord. 664 §§1--3, 1986)

2.24.020 Eminent domain.

Pursuant to Section 33342.7 of the Health and Safety Code, a description of the agency’s program to acquire real property by eminent domain is as follows:

The Lakeport Redevelopment Agency shall not exercise condemnation of real property, nor any non-contiguous areas, within the Lakeport Redevelopment Project area.

The agency’s program to acquire real property by eminent domain may be amended only by amending the redevelopment plan pursuant to Article 12 of the Community Redevelopment Law (commencing with Health and Safety Code Section 33450). (Ord. 866 §1, 2007)