Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Designated--Collection.

2.32.010 Designated--Collection.

A.    In addition to any other charges that may otherwise be provided by law, the city clerk shall charge and collect the following fees for the service or matter indicated:

1.    For preparing a first copy, other than a carbon copy, of any public writing on file in his office or any other city office, per folio of one hundred words, one dollar;

2.    For preparing a carbon copy of any such public writing made at the time of preparing a first copy thereof, per folio, thirty-five cents;

3.    For duplicating by machine process, any public writing or record on file in his office or any other city office, fifty cents per folio;

4.    For comparing with the original on file in his office, the copy of any public writing prepared by another and presented to the city clerk for his certificate, one dollar per folio;

5.    For certifying to a copy of any writing on file in his office, one dollar;

6.    Copies of maps, diagrams, graphs, and other records of special design may be furnished upon payment of the cost of preparation, or acquisition, as estimated by the city clerk;

7.    Mailing list, copies at five cents per name.

B.    Neither the state nor any county, municipality, district or other political subdivision or any department thereof, nor any governmental agency or public officer, board or body acting in its official capacity shall be required to pay the fees prescribed in this chapter. (Ord. 396 §§1, 2, 1963)