Chapter 2.36


2.36.010    Purpose of provisions.

2.36.020    Scope of provisions.

2.36.030    Authorization.

2.36.040    Claim requirements.

2.36.050    General expense guidelines.

2.36.060    Out-of-city travel--Over twenty-four hours--Per diem allowance.

2.36.070    Out-of-city travel--Under twenty-four hours--Per diem allowance.

2.36.080    Reimbursement of actual expenses.

2.36.090    Transportation expenses.

2.36.010 Purpose of provisions.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish rules and regulations governing the expenditure of public funds for travel, subsistence, lodging and other related costs incurred during the conduct of official city business of the city. (Ord. 599 §1.1, 1981)

2.36.020 Scope of provisions.

All city council members, officers, employees or other official representatives of the city may claim reimbursement for the expenditure governed by this policy. (Ord. 599 §1.2, 1981)

2.36.030 Authorization.

All travel outside the city, and all reimbursement for travel, subsistence, lodging or other related costs must be authorized as follows:

A.    City council members by authorization of the mayor;

B.    All other officers, employees or representatives by a travel authorization certified by the department head. Whenever possible, travel authorizations are to be submitted to the city council prior to the expected departure date.

C.    Representatives of the police department shall require no authorization other than police chief approval for expenses incurred in connection with investigation, prisoner pickup and transportation and prosecution to the extent that such funds are provided for in the police department budget.

D.    The city attorney-city legal counsel shall require no authorization for expenses incurred with regard to litigation of civil matters in which the city is interested to the extent that such funds are provided for in the legal council budget. (Ord. 599 §2, 1981)

2.36.040 Claim requirements.

A.    No expenses shall be reimbursed under this policy unless rendered upon the currently approved travel expense claim form and approved by the duly authorized department head and by the city council.

B.    Each claimant must provide the information required including but not limited to dates and times of departure and return, destination, travel authorization of purpose for trip, mileage, lodging, etc.

C.    Each claimant under the provisions of Section 2.36.030 of this chapter must state the purpose for which the expenses were incurred. (Ord. 599 §3, 1981)

2.36.050 General expense guidelines.

A.    The allowances for meals and lodging shall be in accordance with the allowances set forth in this chapter unless the cost and circumstances are beyond the control of the claimant, in which case, actual costs may be paid at the discretion of the city council.

B.    Subsistence. Whenever possible and within their control, claimants are expected to incur expenses comparable to those arising from the use of good, moderately priced establishments catering to the general public.

C.    Transportation. Claimants are expected to use the method of transportation that is in the best interest of the city, considering both total direct expense as well as the claimants time. (Ord. 599 §4, 1981)

2.36.060 Out-of-city travel--Over twenty-four hours-- Per diem allowance.

A.    The sum of fifty-eight dollars will be allowed for each full twenty-four-hour period or fraction thereof.

B.    Documentation. No receipts or vouchers are necessary for lodging or meal expenditures when claiming under subsection A of this section.

C.    Other Expenses. Parking mileage and transportation costs can be claimed in addition to the per diem allowance allowed under this section. The charges will be paid in accordance with the applicable sections elsewhere in this chapter.

D.    Registration. Actual registration costs will be paid in addition to per diem when supported by a receipt or other documentation. (Ord. 619 §1, 1983; Ord. 599 S5, 1981)

2.36.070 Out-of-city travel--Under twenty-four hours-- Per diem allowance.

Claimants out of the city for a period less than twenty-four hours shall not be allowed a per diem. Claimants shall be entitled for reimbursement for actual expenses incurred pursuant to the terms of this chapter. (Ord. 599 §6, 1981)

2.36.080 Reimbursement of actual expenses.

A.    Eligibility. Total actual expenses incurred will be allowed for certain conditions and circumstances as follows:

1.    Actual expenses incurred by a member of the city council if travel is authorized by the mayor;

2.    Actual expenses of a claimant as defined in Section 2.36.040 of this chapter if certified by the duly authorized officer in the manner provided in this chapter;

B.    Actual costs must be supported by proper receipt or documentation as set forth in this policy for each item claimed.

C.    Other Expenses. Parking, mileage and transportation costs can be claimed in addition to the other expenses allowed under this section. Said charges shall be paid in accordance with the applicable sections elsewhere in this chapter. Registration cost shall be paid in addition to other costs when supported by a receipt or other documentation. Actual costs of meals if supported by a receipt or other documentation if included in registration fee will be also allowed.

D.    Limitations. Claims for actual costs reimbursement of this section shall not include per diem claims. (Ord. 599 §7, 1981)

2.36.090 Transportation expenses.

A.    Definition. Transportation expenses consist of charges for commercial carrier fees, private car mileage allowance, emergency repairs to county cars, overnight or day parking fees, bridge and road tolls, necessary taxi, bus or streetcar fares and all other charges essential to the transportation to and from official destinations.

B.    Eligibility. Allowances will be paid for expenses authorized as provided in Section 2.36.030 of this chapter.

C.    Allowance. Private car mileage allowance will be paid at the rate of twenty-five cents per mile. Actual regular class fare will be paid for in any commercial transportation service utilizing special and round trip rates whenever possible. Actual bridge, parking, ferry, taxi or streetcar fares will be paid when necessary.

D.    Documentation. Mileage should reasonably conform to the standard mileage schedule attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and on file in the office of the city clerk. Receipts must accompany the claim for all other expenses claimed hereunder. (Ord. 599 §8, 1981)