Chapter 3.16


3.16.010    Levied--Applicability.

3.16.020    Rate.

3.16.030    Payment--Exemption.

3.16.040    Payment prerequisite to building permit issuance.

3.16.010 Levied--Applicability.

There is levied upon all new structures and related impermeable surfaces within the city a special tax for flood control and storm drainage improvements. No existing structure or related impermeable surface shall be subject to such tax. (Ord. 588 §1, 1980)

3.16.020 Rate.

The amount of the special tax for storm drainage improvements shall be set at a single rate not to exceed twenty cents per square foot of area covered by the new structure and related impermeable surface. The city council shall establish the rate of the tax by appropriate resolution not more frequently than once a year. (Ord. 625 §1, 1984: Ord. 588 52, 1980)

3.16.030 Payment--Exemption.

The special tax shall be levied and collected at the time the building permit or grading permit shall be issued. New structures not requiring a building or grading permit shall not be required to pay said tax. (Ord. 588 §3, 1980)

3.16.040 Payment prerequisite to building permit issuance.

No building permit or grading permit shall be issued until the tax has been paid. (Ord. 588 §4, 1980)