Chapter 6.04


6.04.010    Statutory authority.

6.04.020    Title of provisions.

6.04.030    Definitions.

6.04.040    Violation--Penalty.

6.04.010 Statutory authority.

This title is adopted pursuant to the general police power of this city and Sections 25800 et seq. of the Government Code. (Ord. 459 §101, 1970)

6.04.020 Title of provisions.

This title shall be titled as above, and may in all pleadings or proceedings be referred to as the "animal control ordinance." (Ord. 459 §102, 1970)

6.04.030 Definitions.

As used in this title:

A.    At Large. Any animal, except working animals, shall be deemed "at large" when off the premises of the owner and not under restraint by leash and physical control of its owner.

B.    "Commercial kennel" or "kennel" means any lot, building, structure, enclosure or premises whereupon five or more dogs over the age of four months are kept, whether in special buildings or runways or not.

C.    "Domestic animal" means any bovine animal, horse, mule or burro, sheep, swine, chicken or other valuable animal or fowl customarily confined and cultivated by man for domestic or commercial purpose and other than a pet except that "domestic animal" does not include dogs, cats, skunks, rabbits, birds or other such animals.

D.    "Leash" means any rope, leather strap, chain, or other material not exceeding six feet in length being held in the hand of the person capable of controlling and actually controlling the dog to which it is attached.

E.    "Owner" means any person, firm or corporation having interest in or having control, custody or possession of an animal; provided, however, that any occupant of premises upon which an animal is found shall be deemed prima facie the owner of said animal for the purpose of this title unless the occupant either presents the animal to the animal control officer for inspection or permits the animal control officer to take custody of the animal.

F.    "Person" means any person, individual, firm, partnership, corporation or unincorporated association.

G.    "Pet shop" means any premises devoted or partly devoted to the commercial trade of selling live animals for use as pets.

H.    "Wild animal" means any animal which is by its natural state wild and not considered a pet such as a dog or cat, mouse, rabbit, hamster or the like, and not including domestic animals or birds. "Wild animal" includes ducks and other waterfowl. (Ord. 860 §2, 2006; Ord. 682 §5, 1988; Ord. 498 §4, 1974; Ord. 459 §§103--107, 1970)

6.04.040 Violation--Penalty.

Violation of any provision of this title is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars for the first offense; for the second offense within a period of twelve months, a fine of not less than fifty dollars or imprisonment in the county jail for not more than six months, or both; provided, however, that in no event shall the fine exceed the sum of five hundred dollars. (Ord. 459 §701, 1970)