Chapter 6.20


6.20.010    Applicability.

6.20.020    Dogs--Notice of impoundment.

6.20.030    Redemption of animals.

6.20.040    Livestock--Notice of impoundment.

6.20.050    Impoundment fees.

6.20.060    Service fees.

6.20.070    Retention by animal control officer.

6.20.080    Disposition of wild animals.

6.20.010 Applicability.

Except as provided in Chapter 6.28 of this title, all public pounds shall be conducted pursuant to this chapter. (Ord. 459 §301, 1970)

6.20.020 Dogs--Notice of impoundment.

A.    Any dog impounded as set forth in this chapter shall be cared for by the animal control officer for a period of seventy-two hours, and after the expiration of said time, if not redeemed, shall be placed in a bona fide home or humanely destroyed by the impounding agency; provided, that prior to the disposal of any licensed dog duly impounded a written notice shall be sent to the last address of the owner as shown on the licensing records, notifying said owner that said dog is subject to disposal unless redeemed within fourteen days after notice shall have been mailed to the owner; provided, that the animal control officer is authorized and empowered to forthwith destroy any animal lawfully impounded, which is by reason of injury, disease or other cause, unfit for further use, or is dangerous to keep impounded. (Ord. 459 §302, 1970)

6.20.030 Redemption of animals.

Except as provided in Section 6.20.070 of this chapter, any animal taken up and impounded under the terms of this chapter may be redeemed by the owner thereof at any time prior to actual disposal of the animal, upon the payment of all fees and costs as provided by provisions of Section 6.20.050 of this chapter, and upon presentation of evidence that the animal is duly licensed where such is required. A signed declaration of ownership shall be prima facie evidence of ownership and shall justify release of the animal to the declared owner. (Ord. 498 §2, 1974: Ord. 459 §304, 1970)

6.20.040 Livestock--Notice of impoundment.

The animal control officer shall within twenty-four hours after the impounding of any other animal, including bovine animals, horses, mules or burros, except weekends and holidays, cause to be mailed to the place of business or residence of the owner or keeper of the animal, if known to him, a written notice that such animal has been impounded and date of impounding. If such owner or keeper is not known to the animal control officer, and said animal is not claimed within ten days, it shall be disposed of in the manner prescribed by this section and the Food and Agricultural Code. (Ord. 498 §3, 1974: Ord. 459 §305, 1970)

6.20.050 Impoundment fees.

A.    The animal control officer shall charge and collect the following fees for impounded animals when claimed:

1.    For every dog, four dollars;

2.    For every cat, rabbit, bird, fowl or other small animal not otherwise provided for in this section, two dollars;

3.    For feeding and caring for animals the following additional sums per day, one dollar;

4.    For each other animal not specified, fifty cents.

B.    By resolution the city council may from time to time amend the foregoing fees.

C.    Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, any organization contracting with this city for the maintenance of a public pound shall make charges for, feed and care as are provided by such contract. (Ord. 459 §307, 1970)

6.20.060 Service fees.

A.    The animal control officer may establish reasonable charges for destruction of animals, placement of animals in bona fide homes or for other disposal, when such service is requested by the owner or the animals, but shall not charge less than the reasonable cost of such services; provided, however, that upon the animal control officer’s written certification that such charges in a given case would probably result in the abandonment of an animal, he may accept such animal from its owner with no charge.

B.    No schedule of charges established under this chapter shall be effective unless and until the same is approved by the city council. (Ord. 459 §308, 1970)

6.20.070 Retention by animal control officer.

If, in his discretion, the animal control officer determines that any animal impounded under the terms of this chapter should be retained by the county to facilitate investigation, prosecution or other enforcement of this chapter or other county or state law, he may refuse to permit redemption of the animal until, in his opinion, the need for retention no longer exists. The cost of such retention, but not including any damages claimed by the owner, shall, after attempted redemption by the owner be borne by the city. (Ord. 459 §309, 1970)

6.20.080 Disposition of wild animals.

Wild animals shall be either returned to their natural habitat or destroyed in the discretion of the animal control officer, but no disposition thereof shall be in violation of any law of this state providing for the protection or regulation of wild animals. (Ord. 459 §306, 1970)