Title 8


8.01    Alarm Systems

8.04    Camping on Vacant Lots

8.08    Environmental Protection Procedures and Guidelines

8.09    Nonnative Invasive Aquatic Plants

8.11    Outside Burning

8.12    Fire Inspections

8.16    Solid Waste, Garbage Collection and Disposal

8.20    Nuisances

8.22    Abatement of Nuisances

8.24    Streambed Obstructions

8.28    Weeds and Rubbish

8.30    Administrative Citation and Appeal Procedures

8.31    Administrative Citation Appeal Hearing Process

8.32    Fire Prevention Systems

8.35    Nuisance Vehicles

8.36    Maintenance of Water, Sewer and Storm Drainage Utilities That Are Located on Private Property

8.37    Building Sewer Maintenance Requirements

8.40    Stormwater Management Ordinance

8.44    Smoking Prohibited in Parks and Certain Public Places