Chapter 10.08


10.08.010    U-turns.

10.08.020    One-way streets.

10.08.030    Through streets.

10.08.040    School bus zones.

10.08.050    Yielding right-of-way.

10.08.060    Construction and warning lights.

10.08.070    Bicycle, motorcycle and toy vehicle restrictions.

10.08.080    Driving through funeral processions.

10.08.090    Driving over new pavement.

10.08.010 U-turns.

A.    The operator of a vehicle shall not turn a vehicle in a half-circle so as to make a so-called U-turn, and proceed in the opposite direction at any of those intersections that are designated by a sign “No U-turn.”

B.    The city council shall cause appropriate “No U-turn” signs to be erected at each intersection where U-turns are prohibited near the curb on the side of approaching traffic and across the intersecting street from such approaching traffic, and the provisions of this section shall not be effective unless such signs are in place. (Ord. 356 Art. IV §§1, 2, 1958)

10.08.020 One-way streets.

A.    The city council may from time to time by resolution designate certain streets or alleys or portions thereof as one-way streets.

B.    Whenever any ordinance or resolution of this city designates any one-way street or alley, the city council shall place and maintain signs giving notice thereof, and no such regulation shall be effective unless such signs are in place.

C.    Signs indicating the direction of lawful traffic movement shall be placed at every intersection where movement of traffic in the opposite direction is prohibited.

D.    When signs are erected on one-way streets or in any alley given notice thereof, no person shall drive any vehicle in a direction contrary thereto. (Ord. 356 Art. V §S1--3, 1958)

10.08.030 Through streets.

A.    The city council may from time to time, by resolution, designate certain streets or portions thereof, as through streets.

B.    Signs Required for Through Streets. Whenever any ordinance or resolution of this city designates and describes any street or a portion thereof as a through street or any intersection at which vehicles are required to stop at one or more entrances thereto, the city council shall erect and maintain, or cause to be erected and maintained, stop signs as follows:

1.    A stop sign shall be erected on each and every street intersecting such through street, so designated, and at those entrances of other intersections where a stop is required. Every such sign shall be placed at or near the entrance to the highway, or intersection where a stop is required, and every such sign shall conform to the requirements of the Vehicle Code of the state of California.

2.    A stop sign may be required to be erected and maintained by the owner of property adjoining any through street when a determination is made by action of the city council that such sign is in the best interest of the public safety and welfare.

3.    When stop signs are erected, as provided in this section, at the entrance to any intersection, every driver of a vehicle shall stop at every such sign before entering the intersection, except when directed to proceed by a police officer or traffic-control signal. (Ord. 792, 1998; Ord. 356 Art. V §§4--6, 1958)

10.08.040 School bus zones.

A.    The city council may from time to time by resolution designate certain areas as school bus zones, and restrict parking at such time or times and to such limits as may be required to provide access for school buses.

B.    The city council shall cause appropriate signs to be erected at a distance of not more than one hundred fifty feet apart, and at each end of any school bus zone, plainly designating the time or times when parking is limited or any limitations thereof, and shall cause the curb between such signs to be painted yellow.

C.    When in any school bus zone the signs prescribed in this section are in place and the curb painted yellow, it is unlawful to park in or adjacent to such area in violation of the time or restriction set forth on such signs. (Ord. 356 Art. V §§7--9, 1958)

10.08.050 Yielding right-of-way.

A.    The city council may by resolution prescribe such approaches to intersections other than approaches to through streets or designated stops, as it may determine advisable as yield right-of-way approaches, but it shall not so designate such approaches on more than one of the intersecting streets.

B.    At all such approaches, the city shall cause to be erected appropriate yield right-of-way signs.

C.    When such signs are in place, it is unlawful to drive a vehicle through any such intersections on the approach, for which the sign is erected without yielding to any approaching traffic on the other intersecting street. (Ord. 688 §1, 1988: Ord. 356 Art. V §§10--12, 1958)

10.08.060 Construction and warning lights.

A.    The superintendent of streets shall place special warning signs or barricades around or adjacent to any work or construction on any city street, parkway or sidewalk, being performed by employees of the city, when traffic or workmen might otherwise be in danger, if no such signs were in place. All projects or work remaining incomplete shall be lighted at night and in such manner as to give warning to any obstruction or danger to the flow of traffic.

B.    All such signs or barricades shall have plainly printed thereon, in letters no less than three inches high, the word “danger,” “caution,” or “slow,” as the superintendent of streets deems advisable, and shall not be less than three feet in height, and shall be placed between any work of construction and any approaching traffic.

C.    At any time any employees of the city are working on the city streets, signs shall be placed at each approach to the place where such employees are working, with the words “Men Working” plainly printed thereon in addition to signs required in this section.

D.    When signs are in place as prescribed in this section, it is unlawful for any driver of a vehicle to fail to heed such signs or barricades, or to drive over, on, or onto any such signs or barricades. (Ord. 356 Art. VI, 1958)

10.08.070 Bicycle, motorcycle and toy vehicle restrictions.

A.    It is unlawful for any person to ride any bicycle, motorscooter, motorcycle or similar device upon any sidewalks, or in any park, or premises or public recreation area owned and maintained by the city for use of the public or residents of the city, for the purpose of picnicking, swimming or other recreation in the city.

B.    Other Riding Devices Prohibited in Certain Areas. It is unlawful for any person, excepting invalids, to ride or propel any bicycle, tricycle, coaster, scooter, skateboard or roller or in-line skates upon the sidewalks within that area bounded by the south side of Armstrong on the south, the north side of Sixth Street on the north, the west side of Forbes Street on the west, and the shore of Clear Lake on the east and along both sides of Main Street extending north to the south side of Clear Lake Avenue and south to the north line of Lakeport Boulevard. (Ord. 795 §3, 1998; Ord. 356 Art. VII §§2, 3, 1958)

10.08.080 Driving through funeral processions.

No driver of a vehicle shall drive between vehicles comprising a funeral procession while they are in motion and when the vehicles in such procession are conspicuously so designated. (Ord. 356 Art. VII §5, 1958)

10.08.090 Driving over new pavement.

No person shall ride or drive any animal or any vehicle over or across any newly made pavement or freshly painted marking in any street when a barrier or sign is in place warning persons not to drive over or across such pavement or marking, or when a sign is in place stating that the street or any portion thereof is closed. (Ord. 356 Art. VII §7, 1958)