Chapter 10.20


10.20.010    Definitions.

10.20.020    General requirements.

10.20.030    License--Required.

10.20.040    License--Application.

10.20.050    License--Issuance conditions.

10.20.060    Attachment of license plate.

10.20.070    Inspection.

10.20.080    License--Renewal.

10.20.090    Transfer of ownership or change of address.

10.20.100    Rental agency requirements.

10.20.110    Bicycle dealer requirements.

10.20.120    Violation--Penalty.

10.20.010 Definitions.

“Bicycle,” for the purposes of this chapter, means any device upon which a person may ride, which is propelled by human power through a system of belts, chains or gears having either two or three wheels (one of which is at least twenty inches in diameter) or having a frame size of at least fourteen inches, or having four or more wheels. (Ord. 689 §1, 1988: Ord. 520 §1, 1975)

10.20.020 General requirements.

A.    It is a misdemeanor for any person to do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required in this chapter.

B.    The parent of any child and the guardian of any ward shall not authorize or knowingly permit any such child or ward to violate any of the provisions of this chapter.

C.    These regulations applicable to bicycles shall apply whenever a bicycle is operated upon any highway or upon any path set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles subject to those exceptions stated in this chapter. (Ord. 520 §2, 1975)

10.20.030 License--Required.

No person shall ride or propel a bicycle on any street or upon any public path set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles unless the bicycle has been licensed and a license plate is attached thereto as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 520 §3, 1975)

10.20.040 License--Application.

Application for a bicycle license and license plate shall be made upon a form provided by the city and shall be made to the chief of police. A license fee in the sum of one dollar will be paid to the city before each license or renewal thereof is granted. (Ord. 520 §4, 1975)

10.20.050 License--Issuance conditions.

A.    The chief of police upon receiving proper application therefor is authorized to issue a bicycle license in accordance with state law.

B.    The chief of police shall not issue a license for any bicycle when he knows or has reasonable ground to believe that the applicant is not the owner of or entitled to the possession of such bicycle.

C.    The chief of police shall keep a record of the number of each license, the date issued, the name and address of the person to whom issued, and the number on the frame of the bicycle for which issued, and a record of all bicycle license fees collected by him. (Ord. 520 §5, 1975)

10.20.060 Attachment of license plate.

A.    The chief of police upon issuing a bicycle license shall also issue a license plate bearing the license number assigned to the bicycle.

B.    No person shall remove a license plate from a bicycle during the period for which issued, except in the event the bicycle is dismantled and no longer operated upon any street in this city. (Ord. 520 §6, 1975)

10.20.070 Inspection.

The chief of police or an officer assigned such responsibility shall inspect each bicycle before licensing the same and shall refuse a license for any bicycle which he determines is in unsafe mechanical condition. (Ord. 520 §7, 1975)

10.20.080 License--Renewal.

Upon the expiration of any bicycle license the same may be renewed upon application and payment of the established fee. (Ord. 520 §8, 1975)

10.20.090 Transfer of ownership or change of address.

A.    Upon sale or other transfer of a licensed bicycle the licensee shall notify the city police department in writing within ten days of such action.

B.    The purchaser or new owner of the bicycle shall, within ten days of taking possession, apply for the transfer of license to his name.

C.    Whenever the owner of a licensed bicycle changes residence address, said owner shall within ten days notify the police department in writing of his old and new address. (Ord. 520 §9, 1975)

10.20.100 Rental agency requirements.

A rental agency shall not rent or offer any bicycle for rent unless the bicycle is licensed and a license plate is attached thereto as provided herein and such bicycle is equipped with the lamps and other equipment required in this chapter. (Ord. 520 §10, 1975)

10.20.110 Bicycle dealer requirements.

Every person engaged in the business of buying or selling new or secondhand bicycles shall make a report to the chief of police of every bicycle purchased or sold by such dealer, giving the name and address of the person from whom purchased or to whom sold, a description of such bicycle by name or make, the frame number thereof, and the number of license plate, if any, found thereon. (Ord. 520 §11, 1975)

10.20.120 Violation--Penalty.

Conviction for a violation of this chapter is punishable by a fine of not more than five dollars or by impounding of the bicycle in question for not more than thirty days, or by both such fine and impounding. (Ord. 520 §22, 1975)