Chapter 12.05


12.05.010    Adopted.

12.05.020    Property line location--Record of survey.

12.05.030    Engineered improvement plans required.

12.05.040    Design requirements.

12.05.050    Installation responsibility.

12.05.060    Conditions of permit issuance--Access easement or right-of-way land dedication requirements.

12.05.010 Adopted.

Uniform road improvement development standards are adopted by the city of Lakeport applicable only within the Clearlake Terraces Subdivisions in north Lakeport as set forth in Exhibit “A” attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and found on file in the office of the city clerk. (Ord. 708 (part), 1990)

12.05.020 Property line location--Record of survey.

Upon the application for a building permit for improvements to any parcel, and upon a determination by the city of Lakeport building department of the need to define specific property lines in response to questions of building setback or disputes as to the location of property lines or right-of-way, a record of survey may be required to be provided by the property owner to determine location of said property lines. The record of survey shall not be required solely for the purpose of defining or locating adjacent property lines. (Ord. 708 (part), 1990)

12.05.030 Engineered improvement plans required.

In conjunction with the issuance of a building permit(s) that would require the installation of right-of-way improvements pursuant to the municipal code, engineered improvement plans for right-of-way improvements shall be provided by the individual property owner seeking issuance of the building permit. Said improvement plans shall be submitted to and approved by the city engineering department prior to the issuance of the building permit. Said improvement plans shall not be required for adjacent properties. (Ord. 708 (part), 1990)

12.05.040 Design requirements.

The design of street frontage roadway improvements shall provide for:

A.    A minimum thirty-foot street width from face of curb to face of curb.

B.    A minimum twenty-foot radius on the curb return at the intersections of streets. (Ord. 708 (part), 1990)

12.05.050 Installation responsibility.

Installation of street frontage improvements shall be the responsibility of the developer/owner of the parcel for which the issuance of a building permit is being requested. (Ord. 708 (part), 1990)

12.05.060 Conditions of permit issuance--Access easement or right-of-way land dedication requirements.

Where it is determined by the city engineering department, after review of survey information or engineered roadway improvement plans, that there is a need for a public improvement on an individual lot, those property owners requesting the issuance of a building permit shall offer a public access easement or dedication of land for right-of-way purposes for those portions of the individual lots to be used for public improvements or street frontage as defined by Section 12.05.040 of this code. Said dedication of public access easement or land for right-of-way shall be a condition of the issuance of a building permit, with no city compensation offered therefor. (Ord. 708 (part), 1990)