Chapter 12.24


12.24.010    Location.

12.24.020    Specifications.

12.24.030    Rules and regulations on file.

12.24.040    Determination of curblines.

12.24.050    Use of one side of street required when.

12.24.060    Removal or relocation--Conditions.

12.24.070    Removal or relocation--Notice.

12.24.080    Removal or relocation--Fee.

12.24.010 Location.

All mailboxes and/or similar or other containers for newspapers, shall be installed and maintained at the curbline of the city streets, and shall be located at the curb in such manner that they will not interfere with existing driveways or entrances to property, at a point in front of the property of the addressee, or as hereinafter provided, immediately across the street therefrom. (Ord. 394 §1, 1963)

12.24.020 Specifications.

Mailboxes shall be of a standard size, shape, construction and erected in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the Postmaster General of the United States, shall bear proper identification, and be installed at such height as required by said regulations. (Ord. 394 §2, 1963)

12.24.030 Rules and regulations on file.

The city clerk shall keep on file in the City Hall, a copy of all regulations, rules and requirements of the Postmaster General of the United States concerning the matters set forth in this chapter, and shall maintain the same available for examination by the citizens of the city. (Ord. 394 §3, 1963)

12.24.040 Determination of curblines.

The superintendent of streets, or such other officer of the city as the city council may from time to time designate, shall upon request, fix the location of the curbline upon city streets, maintaining a record of the request and location given, and the determination so made shall govern the location for the purposes of this chapter until some different or other determination is made by the city council, upon request therefor or upon its own motion. (Ord. 394 §4, 1963)

12.24.050 Use of one side of street required when.

On certain street in the city, all mailboxes shall be located on one side of the street only, as may from time to time be prescribed by the postmaster of the city, and filed with the city clerk. The particular streets so designated shall be maintained on file with the city clerk and shall be made available to the general public. (Ord. 394 §5, 1963)

12.24.060 Removal or relocation--Conditions.

The city shall remove from the city streets any mailbox and standard not located in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, or upon change of location of the curbline, after written notice to the property owner or addressee, for which the same is located, which notice shall specify the time the same shall be removed, and the reason therefor. (Ord. 394 §6, 1963)

12.24.070 Removal or relocation--Notice.

The city clerk shall give the owner or resident of the property or residence for which the mailbox is located, if known, or the same can be ascertained with reasonable diligence, not less than ten days’ notice of any demand for removal or relocation of any mailbox at the convenience of the city, and not less than five days’ notice of intent to or demand to remove or relocate any mailbox not located in accordance with this chapter. No penalty or other right shall accrue to the city or any of its officers for failure to give such notice, except as may be determined by the city council. (Ord. 394 §7, 1963)

12.24.080 Removal or relocation--Fee.

The city shall be entitled to the sum of five dollars as and for the reasonable value of any services performed by the city in removing any mailbox from the city streets not located in accordance with this chapter, or not relocated after notice to do so as set forth in this chapter. No reinstallation of any mailbox for the property so deprived of a mailbox shall be permitted on any street in the city until the charge for such removal has been paid. (Ord. 394 §8, 1963)