Chapter 13.30


13.30.010    Official policy.

13.30.020    Official list of new entitlement.

13.30.030    Information sheets.

13.30.040    Database and report.

13.30.050    Improvement schedule.

13.30.060    Written determination on capacity.

13.30.070    Domestic water system connection entitlement.

13.30.080    Mitigation program.

13.30.090    Exclusions.

13.30.100    Policies.

13.30.010 Official policy.

This chapter shall serve as the official policy of the city in assuring that the city will approve or authorize only those projects, developments, requests for connection (entitlement) that can be adequately served by the city’s domestic water system. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.020 Official list of new entitlement.

All proposals for new domestic water system connection entitlement shall be made in writing and logged on an official list which shall be presented to the city council and the city planning commission on a regular basis. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.030 Information sheets.

All applications for new domestic water connection entitlement shall be required to file an information sheet indicating the number of fixture units and residential equivalent units (RUE), estimated seasonal demands, the estimated and the total domestic water demand that will result from the project for the purpose of defining the residential equivalent unit (RUE). This information shall be required prior to approval of an entitlement. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.040 Database and report.

The city staff shall develop and maintain an up-to-date and reliable database on the current and future capacity of the city’s domestic water system. The report and database shall be prepared by the planning, engineering/public works departments and shall be updated and presented to the city council and city planning commission on a regular basis. The capacity report shall be measured in seasonal and total water production flow. Upon receipt of the domestic water report, the city council will consider it at it’s regular meeting and shall order any additional action deemed necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare. Every reasonable effort shall be made to expedite the council’s findings. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.050 Improvement schedule.

The city shall maintain a schedule and timeframe for specific improvements/actions that are necessary for planning, designing, financing, constructing, expanding, completing, and operating the city’s domestic water system to accommodate reasonable and expected growth for the next ten years. The schedule and timeframe shall identify major tasks, expected completion dates, and actual completion dates, current status and estimated costs. The timeframe and schedule shall be continually reviewed and updated and presented to the city council and city planning commission, and the State Department of Health Services, Santa Rosa District Office for the duration of the compliance order on a regular basis. Any deviation, amendment, change, delay, postponement, or other related action shall be noted as an attachment to the timeframe and schedule. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.060 Written determination on capacity.

Prior to the city authorization of an entitlement for any new domestic water connection entitlement that requires the city to commit to or reserve capacity for domestic water connection, the public works/engineering department shall file a written statement with the city council, the building and planning department and the planning commission with a determination that the proposed entitlement can be adequately accommodated without overloading the present system. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.070 Domestic water system connection entitlement.

A domestic water system connection entitlement shall mean the city approval of an issuance of a new building permit; approval of an architectural and design review application for new commercial, industrial, and residential development, approval of a use permit for new commercial, industrial and residential construction, and conversion committee approval of new commercial development. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.080 Mitigation program.

It is recognized that demand for connection entitlement to the city’s domestic water system varies from year to year, season to season and from project to project. Due to the constraints in the capacity of the domestic water system, significant attention must be given to the number of connections that will or can be allowed to connect to the system. Projects that create substantial demand may require outright connection ban or the development of mitigation plans and implementation programs that will allow the demand to be adequately provided for by the city’s domestic water system under the present circumstances. Development of the mitigation and implementation programs shall be done in accordance with the normal review process/environmental review process as defined by this code. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.090 Exclusions.

The criteria, conditions and prohibitions identified in this chapter shall not apply to:

A.    Construction authorized by a valid and unexpired building permit or planning commission action which was issued by the city on or before the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

B.    Remodeling, repair or construction which does not increase the occupancy load or change the intended use of a structure.

C.    Construction of public works projects other than buildings that increase the occupancy load or change the intended use of the structure. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)

13.30.100 Policies.

The city council may adopt by resolution, the criteria, standards and policies for departmental use in clarifying the provisions contained in this chapter. The resolution shall be adopted at a regularly scheduled city council meeting after publication of a notice of the meeting. (Ord. 699 (part), 1990)