Chapter 15.12


15.12.010    Definitions.

15.12.020    Permit--Required.

15.12.030    Permit--Application.

15.12.040    Inspection of building.

15.12.050    Permit--Issuance conditions.

15.12.060    Bond requirements.

15.12.070    Notice to affected parties.

15.12.080    Duties of permittee.

15.12.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

A.    “Building” is a structure designed, built or occupied as a shelter or roofed enclosure for persons, animals or property and used for residential, business, mercantile, storage, commercial, industrial, institutional, assembly, educational or recreation purposes. A structure smaller than the following dimensions shall not fall within this definition: One hundred fifty feet.

B.    “Building inspector” is the building inspector of the city or his designated representative.

C.    “Person” is any individual, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind. (Ord. 573 §1, 1979)

15.12.020 Permit--Required.

No person shall move any building over, along or across any highway, street or alley in the city without first obtaining a permit from the building inspector. (Ord. 573 §2, 1979)

15.12.030 Permit--Application.

A.    A person seeking issuance of a permit under this chapter shall file an application for such permit with the building inspector.

B.    The application shall be made in writing and shall set forth:

1.    A description of the building proposed to be moved, giving street number, construction materials, dimensions, number of rooms;

2.    A legal description of the lot from which the building is to be moved giving the lot, block and tract number, if any, and the assessor’s parcel number;

3.    A legal description of the lot to which it is proposed the building be removed giving lot, block and tract number, if any, and assessor’s parcel number;

4.    The highways, streets and alleys over, along or across which the building is proposed to be moved together with the names and addresses of the persons living along the proposed route;

5.    Proposed moving date and hours;

6.    Any additional information which the building inspector finds necessary to a fair determination of whether the permit should issue.

B.    Accompanying Papers.

1.    Tax Certificate. The owner of the building to be moved shall file with the application sufficient evidence that the building and lot from which it is to be removed are free of any taxes, assessments or other charges of the city or the city municipal sanitation district.

2.    Fee. The application shall be accompanied by an amount to be set by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 573 §3, 1979)

15.12.040 Inspection of building.

The building inspector shall inspect the building and the applicant’s equipment to determine whether the standards for issuance of a permit are met. (Ord. 573 §6.1, 1979)

15.12.050 Permit--Issuance conditions.

The building inspector shall refuse to issue a permit if he finds that:

A.    Any application requirement or any fee or deposit requirement has not been complied with;

B.    The building is too large to move without endangering persons or property in the city;

C.    The building is in such a state of deterioration or disrepair or is otherwise so structurally unsafe that it could not be moved without endangering persons and property in the city;

D.    The building is structurally unsafe or unfit for the purpose for which moved, if the removal is in the city;

E.    The applicant’s equipment is unsafe and that persons and property would be endangered by its use;

F.    Zoning or other ordinances would be violated by the building in its new location. (Ord. 573 §6.2, 1979)

15.12.060 Bond requirements.

Any person filing an application under this chapter shall file with the building inspector a bond, certificate of deposit or general cash deposits in the sum of ten thousand dollars. Such bond shall run to the city for the use and benefit of any person or persons intended to be protected thereby and shall be conditioned on the payment of any damage to public or private property and the payment for any damages or losses resulting from any of the activities or conditions upon which the permit applied for is granted. (Ord. 573 §4, 1979)

15.12.070 Notice to affected parties.

The city shall give forty-eight hours’ notice to all residents living along the proposed route over which the building is to be moved. Such notice shall be by first class mail and shall state the date, time and route that the building is to be moved.

15.12.080 Duties of permittee.

Every permittee under this chapter shall:

A.    Use Designated Streets. Move a building only over streets designated for such use in a written permit;

B.    Notify of Revised Moving Time. Notify the building inspector in writing of a desired change in moving date and hour, in sufficient time to permit renotification of residents along the proposed route;

C.    Arrange for and pay the expenses of a traffic officer to accompany the movement of the building to protect the public from injury;

D.    Clear Old Premises. Remove all rubbish and materials and fill all excavations to existing grade at the original building site so that the premises are left in a safe and sanitary condition;

E.    Remove Service Connection. See that the sewer line is properly plugged and the water shut off. (Ord. 573 §7, 1979)