Chapter 16.23


16.23.010    General provisions.

16.23.020    Application procedure.

16.23.030    Procedure by community development department.

16.23.040    Requirements/conditions.

16.23.050    Recordation of lot line adjustment.

16.23.060    Appeals.

16.23.010 General provisions.

A lot line adjustment between two or more existing adjacent parcels, where the land taken from one parcel is added to an adjacent parcel, and where a greater number of parcels than originally existed is not thereby created, may be permitted without a subdivision or parcel map provided the lot line adjustment is approved by the city. The city shall limit its review and approval to a determination of whether or not the parcels resulting from the lot line adjustment will conform to local zoning and building ordinances. The city shall not impose conditions or exactions on its approval of a lot line adjustment except to conform to local zoning and building ordinances, to require the prepayment of real property taxes prior to the approval of the lot line adjustment, or to facilitate the relocation of existing utilities, infrastructure, or easements. No tentative map, parcel map, or final map shall be required as a condition to the approval of a lot line adjustment. The lot line adjustment shall be reflected in deeds which shall be recorded. No record of survey shall be required for a lot line adjustment unless required by Section 8762 of the Business and Professions Code. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.23.020 Application procedure.

An applicant proposing a lot line adjustment shall submit an application to the city community development department with the following:

A.    An application form and other pertinent information;

B.    A list of property owners for all the parcels involved;

C.    A general map showing:

1.    All existing and proposed property lines,

2.    The land area(s) to be added to or transferred from each parcel,

3.    The location of all existing structures, all utilities on the property, all public utility easements, all other easements, all public and private streets, roads, and driveways.

The map does not need to be professionally prepared, however, the map must be to scale, neat, clear, accurate, and complete in order to be accepted for review. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.23.030 Procedure by community development department.

Upon receipt of the lot line adjustment application, the community development department shall determine completeness, set a planning commission agenda date, and notice the applicant. The community development department shall prepare a report as to the proposal’s conformance with these provisions. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.23.040 Requirements/conditions.

The lot line adjustment shall conform to the city’s zoning and building code ordinances except where one or more adjacent recorded legal lots are of less area than required by the municipal code. Said adjustments may be considered for approval so long as any reduction in lot size or increase in lot size will not result in any additional parcels.

No tentative map, parcel map, or final map as designated by the California Subdivision Map Act shall be required. The city planning commission may impose conditions on the lot line adjustments relating to conformance with zoning and building codes, payment of property taxes, and relocation of utilities, infrastructure, and easements. (Ord. 830 §1(part), 2004: Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.23.050 Recordation of lot line adjustments.

Lot line adjustments approved pursuant to this chapter shall be reflected in deeds and recorded within a one-year time period from the date of approval. Consents of lienholders shall be recorded with the deeds. The deeds shall be submitted to the city community development department for review and approval prior to being recorded. The deeds shall be accompanied by a lot book guarantee or other title report which identifies lienholders for each parcel. A consent of lienholder shall be provided for the lot line adjustment.

The following deeds/legal descriptions shall be provided to the city for review and approval:

A.    The description of the specific land area(s) to be granted;

B.    The revised description of the parcel(s) to which the adjusted land area has been granted; and

C.    The revised description of the parcel(s) from which the specific land area has been transferred.

All signatures on all deeds and on all consent of lienholder forms shall be notarized. All legal descriptions accompanying deeds to be recorded shall be prepared by a registered civil engineer or a licensed land surveyor.

The lot line adjustment shall be deemed completed only after recordation of deeds. If the deeds are not recorded after one year, the approval shall expire and become null and void.

Lot line adjustments involving parcels in different ownership shall convey the requisite interests in the affected parcels to complete the adjustment. If the lot line adjustment affects parcels under one ownership, there may not be a requirement to adjust ownership or security interest. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.23.060 Appeals.

Any decision rendered by the planning commission regarding an approval or denial of a lot line adjustment may be appealed to the city council in accordance with the provisions of the municipal code within five days of the date of the written decision. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)