Chapter 16.24


16.24.010    Requirements.

16.24.020    Forms and contents.

16.24.030    Submittal and approval by city engineer.

16.24.040    Filing with the county recorder.

16.24.010 Requirements.

After a final or parcel map is filed in the office of the county recorder, it may by amended by a certificate of correction or an amending map:

A.    To correct an error in any course or distance shown thereon;

B.    To show any course or distance that was omitted therefrom;

C.    To correct an error in the description of the real property shown on the map;

D.    To indicate monuments set after the death, disability, or retirement from practice of the engineer or surveyor charged with responsibilities for setting monuments;

E.    To show the proper location of any monument which has been changed in location, or character, or originally was shown at the wrong location or incorrectly as to its character;

F.    To correct any other type of map error or omission as approved by the city engineer, which does not affect any property right. Errors and omissions may include, but are not limited to, lot numbers, acreage, street names, and identification of adjacent record maps. Error does not include changes in courses or distances from which an error is not ascertainable from the data shown on the final or parcel map;

G.    To make modifications when there are changes which make any or all conditions of the map no longer appropriate or necessary and that the modifications do not impose any additional burden on the present fee owner of the property, and if the modifications do not alter any right, title, or interest in the real property reflected on the recorded map. The modification shall be set for public hearing by the planning commission in accordance with Section 16.08.070 or Section 16.12.100 of this title. The planning commission shall confine the hearing to consideration of, and action on, the proposed modification. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.24.020 Form and contents.

The amending map or certificate of correction shall be prepared by a registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor. The form and contents of the amending map shall conform to the requirements of Sections 16.10.040 and 16.10.050 if a final map, and Section 16.12.120(B) if a parcel map. The certificate of correction shall set forth in detail the corrections made and show the names of the present fee owners of the property affected by the correction. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.24.030 Submittal and approval by city engineer.

The amending map or certificate of correction, complete as to final form, shall be submitted to the city engineer for review and approval.

The city engineer shall examine the amending map or certificate of correction and if the only changes made are those set forth in Section 16.24.010, this fact shall be certified by the city engineer on the amending map or certificate of correction. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)

16.24.040 Filing with the county recorder.

The amending map or certificate of correction certified by the city engineer shall be filed in the office of the county recorder. Upon such filing, the county recorder shall index the names of the fee owners and the appropriate subdivision designation shown on the amending map or certificate of correction in the general index and map index, respectively. Thereupon, the original map shall be deemed to have been conclusively so corrected, and thereafter shall impart constructive notice of all such corrections in the same manner as though set forth upon the original map. (Ord. 808 (part), 2001)