Title 17


17.01    General Provisions

17.02    Establishment of Districts

17.03    Regulations for the Urban Reserve or "UR" District

17.04    Regulations for Low Density Residential or "R-1" District

17.05    Regulations for the Medium Density Residential or "R-2" District

17.06    Regulations for the High Density Residential or "R-3" District

17.07    Regulations for Resort/Residential or "R-5" District

17.08    Regulations for the Professional Office District or "PO" District

17.09    Regulations for the Light Retail or "C-1" Zoning District

17.10    Regulations for the Major Retail or "C-2" Zoning District

17.11    Regulations for the Service Commercial or "C-3" Zoning District

17.12    Regulations for the Central Business Zoning District or "CB" District

17.13    Regulations for Industrial or "I" Zoning District

17.14    Regulations for the Open Space or "OS" District

17.15    Regulations for the Eleventh Street Professional Use or "P" Combining District

17.16    Regulations for Public and Civic Uses or "PCU" Zoning District

17.17    Regulations for the Planned Development Combining District or "PD" Combining District

17.18    Regulations for Clear Lake Shoreline Development (SD) Combining District

17.19    Regulations for Historic Preservation or "HP" Combining Districts

17.20    Regulations for Erosion Control

17.21    Regulations for Tree Preservation

17.22    Regulations for Zoning Permits

17.23    Regulations for Parking, Access, and Loading Facilities

17.24    Use Permits

17.25    Minor Exceptions

17.26    Variances

17.27    Architectural and Design Review

17.28    Performance Standards

17.29    Applications and Fees

17.30    Notice of Public Hearing

17.31    Appeals and City Council Review

17.32    Zoning and General Plan Amendments

17.33    Annexation Procedures

17.34    Development Agreements

17.35    Protect Conditions Agreement and Monitoring Procedures

17.36    Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots

17.37    Definitions

17.38    Cannabis Cultivation

17.39    Density Bonuses

17.40    Reasonable Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities

17.41    Wireless Communication Facilities

17.52    Signs