Chapter 17.33


17.33.010    Annexation procedures and requirements.

17.33.010 Annexation procedures and requirements.

Pursuant to the California Government Code and the Lakeport general plan, the following procedures shall be followed in consideration of an application for reorganization/annexation to the city:

A.    Environmental Review. If the city has pre-zoned land considered for reorganization/annexation, the city will be the lead agency, prepare the initial study, and determine the appropriate environmental clearance for the project. The project proponent shall submit the necessary application, supporting information, and fees.

B.    General Plan Policies and Programs. Applicants for city reorganization/annexation shall comply with the Lakeport general plan and shall address the policies and programs set forth therein. The community development department shall review all proposals for reorganization/annexation and prepare a report for consideration by the planning commission who shall then make a recommendation to the city council on the annexation’s compliance with general plan policies and programs.

C.    Council Action. The city council shall consider proposals for reorganization/annexation in view of the policies and programs set forth in the general plan, the planning commission recommendation, and other available information. The city council shall set forth its decision in a resolution indicating the findings relative to the matter. (Ord. 821 §1(part), 2003; Ord. 796 Att. A(part), 1999)