Chapter 2.55


2.55.010    Members.

2.55.020    Duties and responsibilities.

*Code reviser’s note: Ord. 1786 adopts a new Ch. 2.52, Planning Commission, which numerically conflicts with the preexisting Ch. 2.52, Redevelopment Agency. The new chapter has therefore been renumbered as Ch. 2.55.

2.55.010 Members.*

The Planning Commission shall consist of five members, all of whom must be residents of the City of Livermore. Preference is for at least two members to have demonstrated ability in the area of design by virtue of avocation, vocation, talent, and interest in design, architecture, landscape architecture, or a related field. (Ord. 2065 § 1(A), 2018; Ord. 1860 § 3, 2009; Ord. 1786 § 2, 2006)

*At the time of the initial consolidation of the design review committee with the Planning Commission, all members currently serving on the design review committee shall become members of the Planning Commission along with the currently appointed members of the Planning Commission. Temporarily, the maximum number of members of the Planning Commission shall be eight. Members shall serve until they voluntarily resign or are not re-appointed by City Council after their initial new term or reach the new term limits set forth in Exhibit B, attached to Ordinance 1860. As maximum terms expire, no appointments or re-appointments will be made until the Planning Commission consists of five members, at which time the maximum number of members will remain at five.

2.55.020 Duties and responsibilities.

The Planning Commission shall have the powers imposed upon city planning commissions by Section 65000 et seq., incorporated by reference, of the Government Code of the State of California. In addition, the Planning Commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

A. Advise the City Council in the adoption and maintenance of a comprehensive general plan for the physical growth and development of the City. Such plan shall reflect the future goals of the City and, after its adoption by the City Council, shall represent the City’s policy on matters of physical growth. It shall also serve to guide the general location of future public facilities and improvements, and to aid in the encouragement and regulation of private development;

B. Serve as an advisory body to the City Council on matters related to city growth and development and on such matters as may be requested by the Council;

C. Promote public interest in planning and encourage citizen participation in the formulation of the general plan;

D. Engage in a program of acquainting the public with the problems and alternate solutions relating to the local physical environment;

E. Interpret and implement the development code as approved by the City Council and as required by the development code; and

F. Interpret and implement the design standards and guidelines as approved by the City Council and as required by the development code. (Ord. 2065 § 1(A), 2018; Ord. 1901 § 3 (Exh. A § 4), 2010; Ord. 1860 § 4, 2009; Ord. 1786 § 2, 2006)