Chapter 10.32


10.32.010    Crosswalks – Established by traffic engineer.

10.32.030    Standing in roadways prohibited – Exceptions.

10.32.010 Crosswalks – Established by traffic engineer.

A. The traffic engineer is authorized to mark and maintain crosswalks, and to designate them by appropriate signs and/or markings upon the surface of the roadway.

B. The traffic engineer may place signs at or adjacent to an intersection in respect to any un-marked crosswalk, directing that pedestrians shall not cross at that location. (Ord. 1787 § 1, 2006; 1960 code § 13.88)

10.32.030 Standing in roadways prohibited – Exceptions.

No person shall stand in any roadway other than in a crosswalk if such action interferes with the lawful movement of traffic. This provision shall not apply to any public officer or employee, or employee of a public utility when necessarily upon a street in line of duty. (Ord. 1787 § 1, 2006; 1960 code § 13.91)