18-1.1 Adoption.

The State Employees’ Retirement System for officers and employees of cities is hereby adopted as the retirement system for the officers and employees of the City. (Code 1972 §24-1)

18-1.2 Scope.

The officers and employees of the City to be included in the retirement system adopted in subsection 18-1.1 shall constitute the classes, to consist of the members of all offices and departments, who by secret ballot, separately by each class, shall elect to come into the system. (Code 1972 §24-1)

18-1.3 Powers.

The powers hereby vested in the City Council shall constitute and include the following:

a. The authority to apply to the State for such contract, and report to the State on the types and terms of service of all officers and employees eligible therefor.

b. The obtaining of all actuarial data necessary for the State to report to the City a quotation of the approximate contribution necessary for maintaining the City’s share of the system;

c. The resolution of intention to make the contract, and approval of the contract by ordinance;

d. The collection of the officers’ and employees’ share thereof and the levy of taxes to maintain the City’s share;

e. The maintenance of the system; and

f. All matters and things provided by law, whether or not mentioned in subsection 18-1.1 or 18-1.2.

(Code 1972 §24-1)

State law reference: Authority to contract with State Employees’ Retirement System for the benefit of city officers and employees, Gov. Code, §45345.