Title 17


17.02    General Provisions

17.04    Definitions

17.06    General Zoning Regulations

17.08    U or Unclassified District

17.10    O or Open Space District

17.11    PF or Public Facility District

17.12    K or Agricultural-Residential District

17.13    MHR or Marina Heights Residential District

17.14    R-1 or Single-Family Residential District

17.16    R-2 or Duplex Residential District

17.18    R-3 or Limited Multiple-Family Residential District

17.19    Criteria and Standards for Low Income Senior Citizens’ Apartment Projects

17.20    R-4 or Multiple-Family Residential District

17.21    C-R or Commercial/Multiple-Family Residential District

17.22    C-1 or Retail Business District

17.24    C-2 or General Commercial District

17.25    C-D or Coastal Conservation and Development District

17.26    PC or Planned Commercial District

17.27    Adult Businesses and Massage Therapists

17.28    Airport District

17.29    BP or Business Park District

17.30    M or Industrial District

17.31    P or Business Park and Planned Industrial Small Lot Combining District

17.32    A or Limited Agricultural Uses Combining District

17.34    ST or Special Treatment District

17.36    S or Integrated Combining District

17.38    X or Camp Combining District

17.40    B or Site and Yard Area Combining District

17.41    Coastal Zoning

17.42    T or Transitional District

17.44    Parking Requirements

17.45    Affordable Housing

17.46    Variances

17.48    Use Permits

17.50    Site and Architectural Design Review

17.51    Tree Removal, Preservation and Protection

17.52    Nonconforming Uses

17.54    Condominium Guidelines

17.55    Surface Mining and Reclamation Standards

17.56    Appeals

17.58    Amendments

17.59    Signs

17.60    Enforcement—Penalties