Chapter 2.64

2.64.010    Authority.

2.64.020    Council to be agency.

2.64.030    Copy filed with state.

2.64.040    Redevelopment director—Executive secretary.

2.64.010 Authority.

There is a need for the redevelopment agency created by Section 33100 of the Community Redevelopment Law to function in the city, and the agency is hereby authorized to transact business and exercise its powers under the Community Redevelopment Law. (Ord. 762 § 1, 1969).

2.64.020 Council to be agency.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 33200 of the Community Redevelopment Law, the council declares itself to be the agency provided in Section 2.64.010, and all the rights, powers, duties, privileges and immunities vested by the Community Redevelopment Law in the agency are vested in this body. (Ord. 762 § 2, 1969).

2.64.030 Copy filed with state.

The redevelopment agency hereby authorized to function shall cause a certified copy of the ordinance codified herein to be filed in the office of the Secretary of State. (Ord. 762 § 3, 1969).

2.64.040 Redevelopment director—Executive secretary.

The redevelopment department shall be under the direction and supervision of the redevelopment director who shall also act as the executive secretary of the Marysville community development agency. (Ord. 1027 § 4, 1985).