Chapter 2.84

2.84.010    Transfer of assessment duties.

2.84.010 Transfer of assessment duties.

(1)    Definitions. The following words and expressions when used in this section shall for the purpose of this section have the meanings respectively ascribed to them as follows:

(a)    "City" as used in this section means the city of Marysville, a municipal corporation, situated in the county of Yuba, state of California;

(b)    "County" as used in this section means the county of Yuba, a political subdivision of the state of California.

(2)    Transfer of Duties. The assessment and equalization and correction of the assessment duties are transferred to the assessor and the board of supervisors of the county for the purpose of assessment relating to taxes for the usual and current expenses of the city that become a lien after the adoption of the ordinance codified herein, and becoming due and payable on and after July 1, 1971.

(3)    Filing of Certified Copy. The city clerk shall cause a certified copy of the ordinance codified herein to be filed with the board of supervisors, assessor and auditor of the county on or before the first Monday of February, 1971, and immediately thereafter shall notify the State Board of Equalization. (Ord. 796 §§ 1, 2, 3, 1971).