Chapter 9.08

9.08.010    Disturbances generally.

9.08.020    Disturbing lawful processions.

9.08.030    Violations and penalties.

9.08.010 Disturbances generally.

Every person who shall disturb the peace or good order of this city by violent threats, loud or unusual noises, quarreling, traducing, challenging to fight, fighting, or drunkenness, or display with malicious intent any deadly weapon or weapons, or by violent threats or abusive language tend to provoke a breach of the peace, or who is found in an intoxicated or drunken condition upon any street, thoroughfare, alley, sidewalk or grounds, or in or upon any premises within the limits of the city, is guilty of an infraction.

Any person who shall make in any place, or suffer to be made on his premises or upon premises under his control, any disorder or tumult to the disturbance of the public peace is guilty of an infraction. (Ord. 1334 § 1, 2010: prior code § 14.14).

9.08.020 Disturbing lawful processions.

It is an infraction for any person within the city, without authority of law, to disturb, disquiet or interrupt the following:

(a)    Any school or school procession;

(b)    Any funeral or funeral procession;

(c)    Any lawful procession or assemblage of people met for lawful purposes. (Ord. 1334 § 2, 2010: prior code § 14.15).

9.08.030 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of an infraction and upon conviction thereof is punishable by a fine of one hundred fifty dollars. (Ord. 1247 (part), 1999; Ord. 1160 § 16, 1993).