Chapter 9.56

9.56.020    Defacing signs.

9.56.030    Dispersing upon request of police officer.

9.56.040    Registration at hotel.

9.56.050    Nuisance generally.

9.56.060    Parades or musical instruments on public highways—Permit required.

9.56.070    Sound trucks—Permit required.

9.56.080    Failure or refusal to issue permit—Appeal.

9.56.090    Trains—Speed limit.

9.56.100    Wilful injury to buildings.

9.56.020 Defacing signs.

Any person who shall tear down, mutilate, remove, deface or destroy any notice, handbill or sign of any business or performance of any kind, or any ornamental sign or awning posts, or any news or bulletin board, or who shall use any such boards for posting any notice, device or other matter without the consent of the owner, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Prior code § 14.12).

9.56.030 Dispersing upon request of police officer.

It is unlawful and a misdemeanor for any of the persons composing a company or crowd obstructing, impeding or impairing the free and peaceful passage of others on or along any street, sidewalk, public way or entrance to any theater, pavilion, church, public hall or other place of public resort, to refuse, fail or neglect to disperse or move on when requested so to do by a peace officer; but this provision does not apply on the occasion of any public outdoor meeting or public procession. (Prior code § 14.13).

9.56.040 Registration at hotel.

Every hotel and innkeeper and every person in charge of a hotel or inn or other place where persons are boarded or lodged as a business within the city, shall keep a register of each person staying or stopping with him at such place under their true names so far as known to him, and showing correct dates of arrival and departure of such person; and shall also keep the register so that the same and the entries therein can be inspected at any and all reasonable times by the chief of police and all police officers of the city. (Prior code § 14.22).

9.56.050 Nuisance generally.

Any person who shall do any act, or cause, suffer or create anything within the city which is injurious to public health, or which prevents or obstructs the free and comfortable enjoyment of life and property, or is dangerous to surrounding property, is guilty of a nuisance and a misdemeanor. In addition to the penalty provided by law against the person guilty of a nuisance, and whether the penalty is enforced or not, the nuisance may be abated by the chief of police or other executive officer of the city, upon the order of the council to do so, at the expense of the person maintaining the same. (Prior code § 14.32).

9.56.060 Parades or musical instruments on public highways—Permit required.

It is unlawful for any person to hold, manage, conduct, carry on, or to cause or permit to be held, managed, conducted or carried on, any parade, march or procession of any kind, other than a funeral procession, or to make any display of, or to use, beat or operate any wind instrument, stringed instrument or musical instrument, in or upon any public highway, public parks or public places within the boundaries of the city without having first obtained from the council a written permit to do so. (Prior code § 14.34).

9.56.070 Sound trucks—Permit required.

It is unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle commonly known as a sound truck; any vehicle carrying a band, phonograph or other musical instrument or instruments; or any instrument by which music or speech is amplified, upon any public street, square, park or place in the city, without first securing a permit from the chief of police. (Prior code § 14.38).

9.56.080 Failure or refusal to issue permit—Appeal.

Any person aggrieved by the failure or refusal of the chief of police to issue such a permit may appeal, in writing, to the council of the city within ten days after the failure or refusal of the chief of police to issue the permit, which notice of appeal shall set forth the specific grounds of the appeal. The notice of appeal shall be filed with the city clerk and the council shall consider the appeal at its next regular meeting following the date of the filing of the appeal. (Prior code § 14.39).

9.56.090 Trains—Speed limit.

Any person who shall run or propel any railroad car, locomotive, hand car, or any car or train of cars in this city at a greater rate of speed than twenty miles per hour, or in such a manner as to endanger or obstruct the free passage of any public street, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Prior code § 14.40).

9.56.100 Wilful injury to buildings.

Every person who wilfully or maliciously breaks or destroys any window, window sash, door, blind or pane of glass of any occupied or unoccupied house, or outhouse, in the city, or commits any nuisance therein, or breaks or destroys or injures anything therein, or any part of such house or outhouse, or any fence or improvement whatever, or who aids, abets or insists upon any one to commit such nuisance or to injure such property, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Prior code § 14.44).