Chapter 10.08

10.08.010    Generally.

10.08.020    State Vehicle Code definitions.

10.08.030    Bicycle.

10.08.040    Central traffic district.

10.08.050    Coach.

10.08.070    Curb.

10.08.080    Divisional island.

10.08.100    Loading zone.

10.08.110    Official time standard.

10.08.130    Parkway.

10.08.140    Parking meter.

10.08.150    Passenger loading zone.

10.08.170    Police officer.

10.08.200    Vehicle code.

10.08.010 Generally.

The following words and phrases when used in this title have, for the purpose of this title, the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this chapter. (Prior code § 13.1(1)).

10.08.020 State Vehicle Code definitions.

Whenever any words or phrases used herein are not defined, but are defined in the Vehicle Code of the state and amendments thereto, such definitions shall apply. (Prior code § 13.1(1.1)).

10.08.030 Bicycle.

"Bicycle" means a light vehicle without a motor, having two wheels, handlebars and a seat or seats, and propelled by the operator. (Prior code § 13.1(1.2)).

10.08.040 Central traffic district.

"Central traffic district" means all streets and portions of streets within the area described as follows: All that area bounded by "F" Street on the west, 9th Street on the north, "B" Street on the east and 1st Street on the south. (Prior code § 13.1(1.3)).

10.08.050 Coach.

"Coach" means any motor bus, motor coach, trackless trolley, or passenger stage used as a common carrier of passengers. (Prior code § 13.1(1.4)).

10.08.070 Curb.

"Curb" means the lateral boundary of the roadway whether the curb is marked by curbing construction, or not so marked; the word "curb" as herein used does not include the line dividing the roadway of a street from parking strips in the center of a street, nor from tracks or rights-of-way of public utility companies. (Prior code § 13.1(1.6)).

10.08.080 Divisional island.

"Divisional island" means a raised island located in the roadway and separating opposing or conflicting streams of traffic. (Prior code § 13.1(1.7)).

10.08.100 Loading zone.

"Loading zone" means the space adjacent to a curb reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles during the loading or unloading of passengers or materials. (Prior code § 13.1(1.9)).

10.08.110 Official time standard.

Whenever certain hours are named herein, they mean standard time or daylight saving time as may be in current use in this city. (Prior code § 13.1(1.10)).

10.08.130 Parkway.

"Parkway" means that portion of a street other than a roadway or a sidewalk. (Prior code § 13.1(1.12)).

10.08.140 Parking meter.

"Parking meter" means a mechanical device installed immediately adjacent to a parking space for the purpose of controlling the period of time occupancy of the parking meter space by any vehicle. (Prior code § 13.1(1.13)).

10.08.150 Passenger loading zone.

"Passenger loading zone" means the space adjacent to a curb reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles during the loading or unloading of passengers. (Prior code § 13.1(1.14)).

10.08.170 Police officer.

"Police officer" means every officer of the police department of this city or any officer authorized to direct or regulate traffic or to make arrests for violations of traffic regulations. (Prior code § 13.1(1.16)).

10.08.200 Vehicle code.

"Vehicle Code" means the Vehicle Code of the state of California. (Prior code § 13.1(1.19)).