Chapter 10.40

10.40.010    Marked crosswalks.

10.40.020    Crosswalks—Use required when.

10.40.030    Special pedestrian traffic signals.

10.40.040    Violations and penalties.

10.40.010 Marked crosswalks.

(a)    The city engineer shall establish, designate and maintain crosswalks at intersections and other places by appropriate devices, marks or lines upon the surface of the roadway as follows:

Crosswalks shall be established and maintained at all intersections within the central traffic district and at such intersections outside such district, and at other places within or outside the district where the city engineer determines that there is particular hazard to pedestrians crossing the roadway subject to the limitation contained in subsection (b).

(b)    Other than crosswalks at intersections, no crosswalk shall be established in any block which is less than four hundred feet in length and the crosswalk shall be located as nearly as practicable at midblock.

(c)    The city engineer may place signs at or adjacent to an intersection in respect to any crosswalk directing that pedestrians shall not cross in the crosswalk so indicated. (Prior code § 13.1(9)).

10.40.020 Crosswalks—Use required when.

No pedestrian shall cross a roadway other than by a crosswalk in the central traffic district or in any business district. (Prior code § 13.1(9.1)).

10.40.030 Special pedestrian traffic signals.

Pedestrians shall obey the indication of special traffic signals installed for pedestrians only and shall disregard the indication of a vehicular traffic signal at any location where special pedestrian traffic signals are in place. (Prior code § 13.1(9.2)).

10.40.040 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of an infraction, punishable by a fine of fifty dollars. (Ord. 1160 § 28, 1993).