Chapter 10.64

10.64.010    Off-street parking meter zones.

10.64.020    Schedule.

10.64.030    Manner of installation.

10.64.040    Time of operation.

10.64.050    Operational procedure—Parking fee.

10.64.060    Exception to operational procedure.

10.64.070    Parking after time expired.

10.64.080    Extension of time.

10.64.090    Improper use of meter.

10.64.100    Deposit of coins in meter by unauthorized person.

10.64.110    Certain uses prohibited.

10.64.120    Rule of evidence.

10.64.130    Designating parking spaces.

10.64.140    Use of money deposited in parking meters.

10.64.150    Application of other chapters.

*    Parking and business improvement area — See Chapter 5.44.

10.64.010 Off-street parking meter zones.

(a)    The council by resolution may establish:

(1)    Off-street parking meter zones which shall be controlled and regulated with the aid of parking meters; and

(2)    Off-street public parking lots, the use of which may be limited to specific hours or duration of parking or allow parking by permit only.

(b)    The city engineer shall cause parking meters to be installed and maintained in all off-street parking meter zones. (Ord. 1019 § 1, 1984: Ord. 882 § 17, 1978: prior code § 13.1(15)).

10.64.020 Schedule.

The portions of municipally owned property hereinafter described are hereby defined and established as off-street parking meter zones and shall be governed by the provisions of this chapter.

(1)    The south one-half of Lot 7 and all of Lot 8 except the easterly 82.67 feet of the northerly 20.93 feet, Block 3, Range "E" (northwest corner of Second and D Streets);

(2)    The south one-half of Lot 2 and all of Lot 1, Block 4, Range "E" (northeast corner of Third and E Streets);

(3)    The south one-half of Lot 6 and all of Lot 7, Block 6, Range "D" (west side of C Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets);

(4)    Lots 2, 3 and 4, Block 4, Range "C" (southeast corner of Fourth and C Streets). (Res. 61-52 § 28, 1961).

10.64.030 Manner of installation.

Parking meters shall be installed upon the area immediately adjacent to each parking space. Each meter shall be placed in such manner as to show or display by a sign or signal that the parking space adjacent thereto is or is not legally in use.

Each parking meter shall be set to display, after the operational procedure has been completed, a sign or signal indicating legal parkings for that period of time conforming to the limit of parking time for the zone in which the parking meter is installed, and shall continue to operate from the time of the completion of the operational procedure until the expiration of the time fixed as the parking limit or a portion thereof for the part of the zone upon which the meter is placed. Each meter shall also be so arranged that upon the expiration of the legal parking time it will indicate by a mechanical operation and by proper signal that the lawful parking period has expired. (Prior code § 13.1(15.1)).

10.64.040 Time of operation.

The provision of this title relating to the operation of parking meters shall be effective between the hours of eight a.m. and six p.m. on every day except Sundays and holidays, but the council of the city may by resolution suspend the operation of one or more or all of the parking meters in the "off-street parking meter zones" defined in Section 10.64.010 for one or more specified number of days or designated period of time. (Ord. 836 § 2, 1973; prior code § 13.1(15.2)).

10.64.050 Operational procedure—Parking fee.

Immediately after occupying a parking meter space, the operator of a vehicle shall deposit a coin of the United States in the parking meter and if necessary turn a crank, knob or handle in accordance with the instructions posted on the face of the parking meter. The amount of any fee or charge for use of such parking meter space shall be set by resolution. (Ord. 1017 § 3, 1984: prior code § 13.1(15.3)).

10.64.060 Exception to operational procedure.

The operational procedure provided in Section 10.64.050 does not apply to the operator of a vehicle, which has attached to the lower right-hand portion of the windshield, a sticker purchased from the city treasurer granting parking privileges for the month designated on the sticker. The parking privileges referred to herein, apply to all off-street parking meter zones established by ordinance on which parking meters are installed and maintained. The parking privileges referred to herein, do not apply to any parking space adjoining a parking meter on which there is attached, or displayed, a sign so prohibiting monthly parking privileges. The city council reserves the right by resolution to limit the number of stickers to be issued for any off-street parking meter zone or zones, to designate the off-street parking meter zone or zones by number or location to which the sticker shall apply and to establish the cost thereof per month for a designated off-street parking meter zone or zones.

The parking privileges referred to herein do not apply to any parking space adjoining a parking meter on which there is attached or displayed a sign reading "Customer Parking Only — Time Limit 15 Minutes — ALL NITE MARKET." (Ord. 882 § 18, 1978: Ord. 802 § 1, 1971: Ord. 795 § 1, 1971; Ord. 736 § 1, 1965: prior code § 13.3).

10.64.070 Parking after time expired.

No operator of any vehicle shall permit said vehicle to remain parked in any parking space during any time that the meter is showing a signal indicating that the space is illegally in use other than such time immediately after the original occupancy as is necessary to operate the meter to show legal parking. (Prior code § 13.1(15.4)).

10.64.080 Extension of time.

No person shall follow the operation procedure or any part of the operational procedure for the purpose of increasing or extending the parking time of any vehicle beyond the legal parking time which has been established for the parking space adjacent to which the parking meter is placed. (Prior code § 13.1(15.5)).

10.64.090 Improper use of meter.

No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited in any parking meter any defaced or bent coin, or any slug, device or metallic substitute for a coin of the United States, or deface, injure, tamper with, open or wilfully break, destroy or impair the usefulness of any parking meter. (Prior code § 13.1(15.6)).

10.64.100 Deposit of coins in meter by unauthorized person.

No person, other than the owner or operator of a vehicle, shall deposit any coin in any parking meter without the knowledge or consent of the owner or operator of the vehicle using the parking space immediately adjacent to the meter. (Prior code § 13.1(15.7)).

10.64.110 Certain uses prohibited.

No person shall attach anything to or allow a bicycle, newsrack or any other article or thing to lean against a parking meter or a parking meter standard. (Prior code § 13.1(15.8)).

10.64.120 Rule of evidence.

The parking or standing of any motor vehicle in a parking space, at which space the parking meter displays the sign or signal indicating illegal parking, shall constitute a prima facie presumption that the vehicle has been parked or allowed to stand in the space for a period longer than permitted by this title. (Prior code § 13.1(15.9)).

10.64.130 Designating parking spaces.

The city engineer shall have lines of marking painted or placed upon the lots or zones adjacent to each parking meter designating the parking space for which the meter is to be used and each vehicle parked adjacent or next to any parking meter shall park within the lines or markings so established. It is unlawful to park any vehicle across any such line or marking or to park a vehicle in such a position that the same is not entirely within the space designated by such lines or markings. It is unlawful to park any vehicle within a designated parking space except in a position where the front of the vehicle faces the parking meter. (Prior code § 13.1(15.10)).

10.64.140 Use of money deposited in parking meters.

All moneys collected from parking meters in this city shall be placed in a special fund, which fund shall be devoted exclusively to the following purposes:

(1)    For the purchasing, leasing, installing, repairing, maintaining, operating, removing, regulating and policing of parking meters in this city and for the payment of any and all expenses relating or incidental thereto;

(2)    For the purchasing, leasing, acquiring, improving, operating and maintaining of off-street parking facilities in this city;

(3)    For the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices and signals;

(4)    For the painting and marking of streets and curbs required for the direction of traffic and parking of motor vehicles;

(5)    For the proper regulation, control and inspection of parking and traffic upon the public streets;

(6)    To be pledged as security for the payment of principal of and interest on off-street parking revenue bonds issued by this city, or any parking district organized within this city. (Prior code § 13.1(15.11)).

10.64.150 Application of other chapters.

No section of this chapter shall be construed as permitting any parking in violation of any other provision of this title. (Prior code § 13.1(15.12)).