Chapter 18.50

18.50.010    Applicability.

18.50.020    Permitted uses.

18.50.030    Use permits.

18.50.040    Special yards—Distance between buildings.

18.50.010 Applicability.

The uses set out in this chapter shall be permitted and regulations shall apply in all districts which are combined A districts in addition to the regulations specified in this title, and shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 18.84. (Ord. 946 § 2 (part), 1981).

18.50.020 Permitted uses.

Uses permitted in combined A districts are:

(1)    All uses permitted in the respective district with which the A district is combined;

(2)    Animal husbandry and livestock farming; provided, that not more than one horse, one mule, one cow, one steer, or five sheep are kept for each half acre of land;

(3)    Small livestock farming; provided, that a use permit is required for the raising of more than one hundred head of either poultry or animals;

(4)    Sale of agricultural products produced on the premises; provided, that no commercial structure for such purpose other than a temporary stand is permitted.

(5)    Home Occupation Signs. Home occupations signs are permitted.

(6)    Employee housing consisting of no more than thirty-six beds or twelve units in a group quarters. (Ord. 1372 § 3(A), 2015; Ord. 1299 § 19, 2005; Ord. 946 § 2 (part), 1981).

18.50.030 Use permits.

Uses requiring a use permit in combined A district are:

(1)    Dog and cat kennel, private and commercial stables;

(2)    Dairy, poultry and rabbit slaughter and processing;

(3)    Veterinary hospital. (Ord. 946 § 2 (part), 1981).

18.50.040 Special yards—Distance between buildings.

Barns, stables, chicken houses and similar accessory buildings in the A district shall not be less than fifty feet from the front property line; not less than twenty feet from any side property line; and not less than thirty feet from any dwelling. (Ord. 946 § 2 (part), 1981).