Chapter 18.59

18.59.010    Purpose.

18.59.020    Uses.

18.59.030    Exterior construction—Requirement for review and approval.

18.59.040    Standards.

18.59.010 Purpose.

To preserve and protect buildings, landmarks and other areas within the community that have historic value to the city because of their cultural, artistic, social, economic, political, architectural, engineering or other heritage. Such preservation would:

(a)    Protect, enhance and perpetuate the use of structures and sites that are reminders of past eras, events and persons important to local, state or national history, or which provide significant examples of architectural styles of the past which are unique and irreplaceable assets to the city and its neighborhoods and which provide for this and future generations examples of physical surroundings in which past generations live;

(b)    The development and maintenance of appropriate settings and environment for such structures;

(c)    The enhancement of property values, the stabilization of neighborhoods and areas of the city, the increase of economic and financial benefits to the city and its inhabitants, and the promotion of tourist trade and interest;

(d)    The enrichment of human life in its educational and cultural dimensions by serving aesthetic as well as material needs and fostering knowledge of the living heritage of the past. (Ord. 1221 (part), 1996).

18.59.020 Uses.

All uses permitted or conditionally permitted as identified within the land use tables of this chapter by the respective underlying zone district or districts within which this district is combined. (Ord. 1221 (part), 1996).

18.59.030 Exterior construction—Requirement for review and approval.

Within the overlay zone district, identified upon the city of Marysville official zoning map, the planning and historic preservation commission, the commission’s three-member subcommittee (the architectural review board) or the city planner, when acting on behalf of the commission or the city council, when acting upon an appeal, shall review and approve, approve with modifications, or disapprove applications for any exterior construction or exterior work on any structure. Examples of work referred to are painting and repainting of exterior surfaces, roofing, fencing, landscaping, glazing, constructing a new sign or replacing an existing sign, and installation of exterior light fixtures. Within the medical arts district, only those structures identified as historic structures under Sections 18.94.040 and 18.94.050 shall be subject to review under Chapters 18.59 and 18.94. (Ord. 1378 § 6, 2015: Ord. 1299 § 24, 2005: Ord. 1221 (part), 1996).

18.59.040 Standards.

(a)    Development standards for density, lot area, lot width, yard setbacks and height shall be the same as the base district.

(b)    Development standards for construction design, including building, fencing, fenestration and sign materials and textures shall be based upon the requirements and recommendations of the City of Marysville Design Review Manual. If an application for construction includes a proposal not covered by the manual, a decision may be rendered based upon a majority vote of the reviewing body.

(c)    All necessary Uniform Building Code requirements shall be met. (Ord. 1299 § 25, 2005; Ord. 1221 (part), 1996).