Chapter 3

Article 1    In General.

Article 1. IN GENERAL

500 Purpose.

This Chapter contains a portion of the general policies and rules of interpretation pertaining to the operations of the City Council of the City of Marysville and to the official conduct of its members. It is the intent of the Council that this policy shall conform to the requirements of California Government Code sections 53232 through 53232.4 to the extent that such requirements are applicable to charter cities under the California Constitution.

Specific Authority: Art. II, Marysville Charter; Chap. 2.04 MMC; Resolution No. 2013-53

History: New 9/2013

501 In General.

Except as otherwise provided herein, permission for travel requests by City Council members must be authorized in advance by the Council in the same manner as other business of the Council.

502 Legislative and Other State Business.

The Mayor may travel without prior approval to and from Sacramento during legislative sessions, including pre-legislative meetings with Marysville’s legislative representatives and their staff, legislative committees and executive agencies of state government.

503 Service on State Bodies.

Any Council member who, by virtue of his status as an elected member, is appointed to serve on a state board by a state officer to represent the Marysville City Council shall be entitled to receive transportation and per diem expenses for meetings actually attended without seeking prior Council approval for each such meeting, provided such expenses are not otherwise being paid to the member by the state.

504 Activities Authorized for Expense Reimbursement.

Allowable expenses incurred in connection with the following types of activities set forth below constitute authorized expenses, as long as all other requirements of this Chapter are fulfilled:

(a)    Communicating with representatives of local, regional, state and national governments on City policy positions.

(b)    Attending educational training designed to improve members’ skills and information levels as public officials.

(c)    Participating in regional, state and national organizations whose activities affect the City’s interests.

(d)    Recognizing service to the City (for example, thanking a longtime employee with a retirement gift or celebration of nominal value and cost).

(e)    Attending City events or attending community events when attending as a designated official representative of the City.

(f)    Implementing a City-approved strategy for attracting or retaining businesses to the City, which will typically involve at least one staff member.

505 Oral Report Required.

Whenever a Council member or the Mayor travels on official business on behalf of the City at City expense, the member or the Mayor shall make an oral report at the next available Council meeting following each such instance of travel pursuant to this Chapter.

506 Reimbursement of Council Travel Expenses.

Expenses incurred by Council members for travel authorized under this Chapter shall be itemized on a form provided for that purpose by the Administrative Services Manager, supported by receipts or affidavit, and shall include only such items of expense as are permitted for reimbursement pursuant to Title 4, Part 8 of the Marysville Administrative Code or its predecessor policy adopted by Resolution No. 2004-71 if Title 4, Part 8 has not yet been codified.