Chapter 2

Article 1    Authority.

Article 2    Medical Examinations.

Article 3    Workers’ Compensation Evaluation.

Article 4    Vehicle Driving Record.

Article 1. AUTHORITY

7100 Purpose.

This Chapter contains the general policies, rules, and standards pertaining to the evaluation of prospective employees entering the city service.

Specific Authority: Chap. 2.72 MMC; Resolution No. 2014-06

History: New 1/2014.

7101 Intent.

It is the intent of the City Council that prospective employees be evaluated for personal fitness before entering into the city service including, but not limited to, evaluations for: 1) physical and medical fitness, including the use of illicit drugs for sensitive positions; 2) past employment, education, or employment-related credentials and certifications; 3) status with respect to workers’ compensation considerations; 4) motor vehicle driving record; and 5) criminal history, provided, however, that no applicant may be required to provide a copy of his/her criminal record.

7102 Pre-Employment Assessment to be Considered in Employment.

Normally, prospective employment candidates whose pre-employment assessments reveal no adverse fitness conditions will be selected for employment in preference to other, equally qualified candidates for the same positions in city service; provided, however, that such assessments shall not include evaluations for federally-protected classes of individuals, except to the extent permitted by law.

7103 Past Record Not Absolute Bar.

Pursuant to law and policy, the City Manager may authorize the employment of individuals whose pre-employment assessments reveal adverse conditions, depending on the individuals’ overall fitness and job skills, the local employment market, urgency of need, recency of adverse conditions, and other factors which, in the judgment of the City Manager, do not pose a continuing detriment to effective city service.


7150 Requirement For.

Applicants for employment, including those being reemployed, in the city service may be required to undergo a medical examination prior to their employment to determine physical and mental fitness to perform the duties of the position to which the appointment is to be made.

(a)    Whenever medical examinations are required, only tentative appointments will be offered to applicants who have not submitted to such examinations. Final appointment will be contingent upon satisfactory examination results.

7151 Selection of Physician.

Medical examinations will be performed and evaluated by physicians designated by the city.

7152 Drug Screening Examination.

Whenever there is a specialized need, every applicant for employment, including those being reemployed, in the city service shall undergo a drug screening examination prior to their employment as part of the overall assessment of their personal fitness to occupy a position in the city service.

7153 Failure to Submit to Examinations.

An applicant’s failure to submit to any required pre-employment medical or drug screening examination shall be considered a withdrawal from employment consideration.

(a)    Any applicant who fails to pass the pre-employment drug screening examination will be disqualified from employment consideration.

(b)    Any applicant who fails to pass the pre-employment medical examination will be disqualified from employment consideration.

7154 Expense of Examinations.

Costs of pre employment medical and drug screening examinations shall be borne by the city.


7175 History Search.

To the extent practicable, names of candidates for appointment to the city service shall be screened through workers’ compensation history records available to the city to support physical qualifications to perform in the positions for which they are being considered.


7200 Background Check Required.

The driving record of every prospective employee in the city service whose employment would regularly require him to operate a motor vehicle shall be reviewed prior to his employment.

7201 Appropriate License and Clear Driving Record Required.

Any employee regularly required to operate a motor vehicle must have an appropriate valid California driver license and a good driving record as a condition of continued employment in city service.