Chapter 1

Article 1    Authority.

Article 2    Vacancies in the Executive Service.

Article 3    Appointments to Executive Positions.

Article 4    Changes in Incumbent Status.

Article 1. AUTHORITY

9500 Purpose.

This Chapter provides for a portion of the implementing rules and standards pertaining to the organization, maintenance, modification, and administration of the Executive service.

Specific Authority: Chap. 2.72 MMC; Resolution No. 2014-06

History: New 1/2014.

9501 Executive Service Described.

The Executive service exists to aid and support the City Manager in the accomplishment of his mission by leading and directing city departments or other major subdivisions of the organization, or who direct significant programs or projects on behalf of the City Manager, or who are specialized staff aides and assistants so designated by the City Manager, and those who serve in it serve at the pleasure of the City Manager, except those positions which are expressly excluded in this Title, including all of the following:

(a)    All positions assigned to the Career Service,

(a)    Members of the city council;

(b)    The City Manager;

(c)    The City Attorney;

(d)    Members of appointed boards, committees, and commissions serving the City of Marysville;

(e)    Volunteer personnel who receive no regular compensation from the city;

(f)    Persons performing work under contract for the city, who are not carried on the payroll as employees;

9502 Creation of Positions.

Subject to budgetary constraints, the City Manager may establish such positions as he deems necessary or convenient to the discharge of his duties and responsibilities, and assign such positions to the Executive service; provided, however, that each such position must also be designated outside the Career service by the Council.


9510 Authority to Fill Vacancy.

No vacancy in the Executive service shall be filled without the approval of the City Manager, and no appointment to the Executive service which has not first been approved by the City Manager shall be a valid appointment.

9511 Intent in Filling Vacancies.

It is the intent of the City Council that positions in the Executive service be filled with individuals whose professional and personal fitness for those positions best comports with the requirements of the service, and who best reflect the management philosophy and values of the City Manager, to the end that the City Manager has the greatest possible discretion in building a cohesive, professional team.

9512 Recruitment for Candidates.

Consistent with the requirements of law and policy, positions in the Executive service may, but need not necessarily, be filled following open recruitment for candidates.

(a)    Whenever a vacancy in the Executive service is to be filled, the City Manager shall determine, in his discretion, the need or desirability for conducting an open recruitment for candidates.


9540 In General.

The City Manager shall appoint individuals to Executive positions at the time and in the manner he deems appropriate, subject to the limitations of law and policy.

(a)    Within ranges approved by the City Council, the City Manager shall set the salaries of every incumbent in the Executive Service, both on initial appointment and thereafter as performance warrants.


9600 Changes Generally.

Changes in the status of an incumbent in the Executive service are governed by Chapter 3 of this Part.