Chapter 12.28


12.28.010    System generally—Official map.

12.28.020    Assignment of numbers—Odd and even numbers.

12.28.030    Display of numbers—Unassigned numbers not to be displayed.

12.28.040    Violations of chapter.

12.28.010 System generally—Official map.

Every house, dwelling place, store and place of business within the city shall have a number which shall be assigned thereto as provided by this chapter, and which in each case shall correspond to the location of the premises on the street, avenue or public way on which the property fronts. The number shall be the number designated for such location on that certain map entitled "Official Map of the City of Menlo Park, Showing Street Names and House Numbers, San Mateo County, Calif.", and filed in the office of the city clerk and all amendments thereto, to which map reference is made by this section for further particulars. (Prior code § 6.16).

12.28.020 Assignment of numbers—Odd and even numbers.

Numbers shall be determined from the map adopted by Section 12.28.010 and assigned by the building official. The number shown on the map for each lot or location is the minimum number which may be assigned thereto. On the northeasterly side of all streets and other public ways running northwesterly and southwesterly, and, on the northwesterly side of all avenues and other public ways running northeasterly and southwesterly, all such numbers shall be even numbers; all others shall be odd numbers.

(Amended by Council Resolution No. 4536/June 1994; prior code § 6.17)

12.28.030 Display of numbers—Unassigned numbers not to be displayed.

The numbers assigned as provided by this chapter shall be permanently displayed on the premises in numerals of such size and character as to be readily distinguishable from the street. No number other than the number assigned as provided in Section 12.28.020 shall be used for house numbering purposes. (Prior code § 6.18).

12.28.040 Violations of chapter.

The owner or occupant of any premises who shall fail, neglect or refuse to display thereon the number assigned thereto in accordance with the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Prior code § 6.19).