Title 16


16.02    General Provisions

16.04    Definitions

16.06    Enforcement

16.08    Districts Established—General Regulations

16.10    R-E Residential Estate District

16.12    R-E-S Residential Estate Suburban District

16.14    R-1-S Single Family Suburban Residential District

16.15    R-1-S (FG) Single Family Suburban Residential District (Felton Gables)

16.16    R-1-U Single Family Urban Residential District

16.17    R-1-U (LM) Single Family Urban Residential District (Lorelei Manor)

16.18    R-2 Low Density Apartment District

16.20    R-3 Apartment District

16.22    R-4 High Density Residential District

16.23    R-4-S High Density Residential District, Special

16.24    R-3-A Garden Apartment Residential District

16.26    R-3-C Apartment—Office District

16.28    R-L-U Retirement Living Units District

16.30    C-1 Administrative and Professional District, Restrictive

16.32    C-1-A Administrative and Professional District

16.36    C-1-C Administrative, Professional and Research District, Restrictive

16.37    C-2-S Neighborhood Commercial District, Special

16.38    C-2 Neighborhood Shopping District

16.39    C-2-A Neighborhood Shopping District, Restrictive

16.40    C-2-B Neighborhood Mixed Use District, Restrictive

16.42    C-4 General Commercial District

16.43    O Office District

16.44    LS Life Sciences District

16.45    R-MU Residential Mixed Use District

16.46    M-2 General Industrial District

16.47    M-3 Commercial Business Park

16.48    OSC Open Space and Conservation District

16.49    P-F Public Facilities District

16.50    FP Flood Plain District

16.52    P Parking District

16.54    H Historic Site District

16.55    AAGP Allied Arts Guild Preservation District

16.56    X Conditional Development District

16.58    SP-ECR/D El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan

16.59    Lots

16.60    Encroachments and Balconies

16.62    Yards

16.64    Fences, Walls, Trees and Hedges

16.65    Solar Access

16.66    Street Improvements and Dedications

16.67    Daylight Planes

16.68    Buildings

16.70    Swimming Pools

16.72    Off-Street Parking

16.74    Parking Lots

16.76    Public Utilities

16.78    Special Uses

16.79    Accessory Dwelling Units

16.80    Nonconforming Uses and Buildings

16.82    Permits

16.83    Reasonable Accommodation

16.84    Public Hearings

16.85    Notices for Single-Family Residential Development

16.86    Appeals

16.88    Amendments

16.90    Map—Boundaries

16.92    Signs—Outdoor Advertising

16.93    Antennae

16.96    Below Market Rate Housing Program

16.97    State Density Bonus Law

16.98    Affordable Housing Overlay

16.99    Emergency Shelter for the Homeless Overlay


For statutory provisions pertaining to Planning in general, see Gov. Code, Title 7, for declaration of State policy and Legislative intent in the Planning Area see Gov. Code §§ 65012 and 65012.1. For provisions relating to the State Development Plan, see Gov. Code § 65015.1 et seq. For provisions relating to the coordination of public works projects between federal, state and/or local agencies, see Gov. Code §§ 65016.3 and 65016.4. For provisions relating to state assistance in local planning, see Gov. Code §§ 65017.1 et seq. For provisions relating to the creation and operation of planning districts in which cities and counties may participate, see Gov. Code § 65061 et seq. and § 65063 et seq. For financial provisions relating to planning districts, see Gov. Code Title 7, Chapter 3, § 65100 et seq. For provisions pertaining to the adoption and administration of zoning laws and ordinances and the implementation of such laws and ordinances, see Gov. Code Title 7, Chapter 4, § 65860 et seq. For provisions relating to the creation, modification and membership of District Planning Agencies and to the powers and duties of such agencies, see Gov. Code Title 7, Chapter 5, § 66100 et seq. For the provisions relating to Highway Interchange Districts, see Gov. Code § 66400 et seq.